Sunday, December 7th, 2008
Issue: 103   Editor: Mikamon

A Nation Don on a Mission iVentresca

After completely removing Peace from the stats, another attack on a crew was the last thing on people’s mind. However, Nation Don Nitrocide unleashed another wave of shootings on Absolute Zero, bringing about Cartel Enterprises. Shooting around 150,000 bullets at Peace, the crew dropped and as the bug had been fixed, there were no available spots for a new crew. For an available crew spot, Nitrocide used an additional 350,000 bullets on “easy targets” Absolute Zero, leaving all but one boss member to hold the crew. The reason for doing so is unknown, yet Nitrocide wasted no time in finishing what he started.

Not long after the main shooting, Nitrocide shot at the last member. With the available crew spot, Cartel Enterprises made its way onto the stats with the intention to “stay for as long as possible”. However, the possibility of a long stay was made impossible as Nitrocide met his expected fate during the middle of yet another enthralling shooting of Event Horizon’s high ranked members. A staggering $2,000,000,000 was not enough to keep Nitrocide away until he finally received a dose of his own medicine.

With their highest ranked member now dead, Cartel Enterprises were vulnerable to attack, hence, taking immediate measures and selling the crew to none other than Fierce Alligiance. Not long after selling, all members were shot. What remains to be seen from Cartel Enterprises is a mystery; whether or not they will return once again can only be a wonderment. With his final goodbye, Nitrocide added, “just had a wonderful night!”