Sunday, December 7th, 2008
Issue: 103   Editor: Mikamon

Cartel Enterprises - Open For Business! SeanIsSRS

This week, just after the Buzz was published on Sunday, Cartel Enterprises chose their moment to attack Peace.

Ex-Nation Don Nitrocide was forced to shoot at two crews due to the bug, which caused eleven crews to be allowed on the Statistics. The targets chosen by Cartel Enterprises were Peace and Absolute Zero.

In total, Nitrocide shot five-hundred-thousand bullets, making the death toll thirty-eight accounts -- A good display of what a Nation Don is capable of! Nitrocide told me that Cartel Enterprises chose Peace as their target because they were "the weakest with only nine members", and also because they were the most "disliked crew".

Nitrocide told me then that Cartel Enterprises intended keeping hold of the crew spot for as long as they can, but it would appear that plans changed as they have already sold the spot within the week. So, with these words and actions, we can only wait to see their next move. If anything, this attack has proved that the Nation Don is certainly to be feared by any crew!