Sunday, December 7th, 2008
Issue: 103   Editor: Mikamon

Crew of the Week! JoeyDaWhopper

The Vanguard is the crew of the week! Information provided by TheMajooR and ThePhantomm.

Name of Crew: The Vanguard.
Past Bosses/Founders: OLH & Aegides, last round.
Crew founded: 12/13 January 2006, by OLH and Aegides, who bought the spot from The Society and named the crew The Vanguard.

Recruiting policy: Boss plus, you need one vouch or must have very good stats!
Current recruiters: Abonzo, Noggin and Salmarnir are our recruiters.

The Bosses view on the crew:
Positive points: Because of our loyal members we were able to go on stats, all members are very friendly and willing to help each other and the crew when ever they can. We also have some strong allies, they are very helpful!
The crew has a big history and have been lots of bosses, The Vanguard is a strong but friendly crew, with some very loyal members.
We also have many high ranked members in the crew and also a few old school players.

Negative points: None, all nice people, loyal honest and Active, we have lots of fun.

The members view on the crew: Questions answered by RaikoGFX and DonRoy.
Positive points: Excellent bosses who work on entertaining the members better than ever with extra games and competitions in the crew forum and members who are very loyal. I'd say it's more of a family than a crew. RaikoGFX.
The Vanguard are working together as one big family, like helping each other rank. We support each other in what we do, and the best part is that we all are friends, and it's so much fun being here. DonRoy.

Negative points:
Maybe the only down side was that I lost the crew picture comp other than that I can't say a bad word about it. RaikoGFX.
Some of the old members from before the reset aren't in the crew. DonRoy

What keeps the members in the crew:
Whats make me still be in The Vanguard is that I was in from the time the crew were on the stats from the beginning. The crew is also funny and nice! DonRoy

Writer's Comments
It's all written above, a happy, fun place to be. I felt the warm welcome from their bosses and members as soon as I joined up with them, Although I didn't communicate in the Crew Forum as much as I'd liked, the members did. Like what's already been stated, the Crew Forum was bombarded with games and competitions, nothing keeps a forum alive better than give-aways!

Even now after I left their crew, I've still been approached with Organized Crime offers, which I appreciated, as I wasn't discarded as soon as I was done. The only negative point that I found, was with one power hungry council member, who had no idea who I was or what I was doing in The Vanguard. I won't go into all that, because The Vanguard are a fantastic crew, a crew that don't deserve to be dragged down by just the one.