Sunday, December 7th, 2008
Issue: 103   Editor: Mikamon

Event Horizon Attacked! JoeyDaWhopper

Nitrocide turned his attention towards Event Horizon after various attacks on other crews. The attack was aimed at the higher ranks of Event Horizon, losing around fifteen members ranked Don or higher. It could have been worse if the Nation Don hadn't been stopped in his tracks.

I managed to ask the Boss of Event Horizon, SuperBetty, a few questions. As many crew bosses are rather skeptical of the State and Nation Dons. I first asked her whether or not she had marked him 'unsafe'. She said, "I didn't have the Nation Don on any list as I knew nothing of him". Then I asked about the revenge, as the Nation Don fell along with members of his crew, Cartel Enterprise. She said, "Revenge didn't come quick enough from EH. The N. Don fell at the hands of TheBuGv9 (his bodyguard), probably for the 2 bill hitlist money...CE kept letting people in, would have preferred if they were on stats when we shot. But we wanted to get them all."

So what are the future plans for Event Horizon and their stance on Cartel Enterprise? SuperBetty said, "Cartel Enterprise can rebuild and go about their business. From my stand point we are now even". Finally, SuperBetty finished by saying, "Last thing I'd like to say is thanks for a little fun CE, we were getting bored".

With the future of Cartel Enterprise unclear, time will only tell whether or not they will stay away from Event Horizon after they declared themselves even with Cartel Enterprise.