Sunday, December 7th, 2008
Issue: 103   Editor: Mikamon

FA Makes a Long Awaited Return! RonBurgundy

A short stay on the stats by Cartel Enterprises allowed Fierce Allegiance to return to the stats. The spot, shot for by Nitrocide, was sold to Fierce Allegiance for 1,100 points as Cartel Enterprises' defense was left dented with the death of their highest ranked member, Nitrocide. Rather than be completely wiped from the stats, Cartel Enterprises Boss Crizak decided to sell and make a profit, a move spot on as all members were soon shot dead, despite not being on the stats.

When asked why they decided to sell, Crizak replied, “When Nitrocide died, we realized that we didn't stand a chance of staying on the stats for more than a few hours more. We got word that 2 strong crews were already searching for our members, which was confirmed straight after the spot was sold and we all got killed by an EH shooter.” Their plans are now to “rank to Respectable Boss or so and start to recruit”.

The comeback, although not planned, was successful. Having discussed a possible return previously, bosses Mikamon and Aldarion saw fit to the demands for the crew spot, from which, “everything just snowballed!” With regards to Fierce Allegiance's future intentions, they intend on, “keeping it” and get back to where they left off.