Sunday, December 7th, 2008
Issue: 103   Editor: Mikamon

TR Returns, Alliance Pays The Price! RonBurgundy

A relatively steady crew, Alliance, found themselves under attack on Friday by none other than The Rapture. Rather than have a select member shooting, The Rapture had evenly spread a “few hundred thousand” bullets across three accounts, each account killing a few members of Alliance and succeeding in completely removing Alliance from the stats. With the last member down, everyone was frantically trying to pick up the crew spot and unfortunately for The Rapture, it was picked up by TSS. However, it soon ended up with The Rapture.

The attack on Alliance was “No real reason for shooting them over other crews, it was very random. We decided to shoot a crew and then we just picked a crew at random.” The Rapture’s future however, seems uncertain. When asked what their plans were, PaperGuns replied, “maybe we'll stay and maybe we'll go just keep a look out for us!” As ever, The Rapture’s stay on the stats brings with it all the action expected.