Sunday, May 20th, 2007
Issue: 24   Editor: MsNyxxie

Bootleggers' Sound Off! MsNyxxie

I was very happy with this week's response to our Sound-off! Remember, with your opinions and ideas, you can use the power of the media to change the game! These are last week's issue's replies! Please look in the Game Forum for a new debate to have your own opinion placed on the Buzz!

Last Issue's Debate!
Low Max-Bets seem to be a big problem in the game. What is your point of view and what should be done to avoid this dilemma?

"The only reason casino have low max-bets is because the money value is way higher than last rese; 20k is alot now-a-days."

"Its the decision of the owner like Nickeh said they paid for it not you. Its simple don't like the max bet then buy the casino an make a good max for yourself or play war, keno, slots they have good maxes. End of the day you want a high max to make a load of cash but the owner doesn't want to lose a lot a lot of owners are in the buying an selling business to gain points not to work the casino an make money, either ask them nicely to raise an when I'm the owner i have raised a little depending on cash on hand for people. End of the day they own it not you don't like it go somewhere else or buy your own."

"I personally think that if they want their max bets to be low, then so be it. It's their decision, not ours. I've held some casinos, and I didn't have a high max bet, 'cause it's not that hard for people to win it. If I raised the max a bit I could see how the profit lowered. So I do understand that they don't have high maxes. If it's bothering you that much, shoot for it and take the casino over or something. But then again, I'm not a gambler, so what would I know."

"I think its the casino owners choice of the max bet, after all they was the ones who paid for the casino. If they want to keep people happy buy having crazily high max bets it is their decision, if they want to have a low max just to be on the stats page and not lose money, again it is their decision. Only thing that will probably stop low maxes is more shootings."

"A casino is an investment, not a game. Someone setting a ridiculously low max bet shouldn’t have the casino in the first place as they blatantly can’t afford it. However as long as people are betting then the owner is justified in having $x as their max bet, and the profit will speak for itself."

"They are low, the min max bet should be at something like 10-30K or something, whats the point of having a casino if no one ever bets on it because the max is at 6K."

"I reckon that there should be set low max bets that depends on the wealth status of the owner, and it cant be lowered past the set bet it can only be raised. so the more money the owner has the higher the lowest max bet should be."

This Week's Debate!
Last week's issue, we had confirmation from Sabin that moderators and administrators are allowed to have another account to play with underground. What are your views about this?