Sunday, May 20th, 2007
Issue: 24   Editor: MsNyxxie

Buzz Reminisce Air

It seems as though it's been ages since we had the big reset. You know... the thing that finally rid the game of mass-money inflation, exploits and the amount of crews that even my grandmother could have produced a crew from. (The pun is that she is useless with computers). It was at the point of the reset where the Buzz was still in its old days and needed a fresh start.

With myself being the Editor before the Reset, I knew the change had to be drastic to bring readers back. The old layout of the Buzz was for the original layout of Bootleggers and with the new setup you see now, the old Buzz just didn't look right. So I went on a journey. One which took me down that long and lonesome road. It was time to face up to the almighty man himself, that we know as BSF2000. The owner of

So how did I plan to go about this big change? I wasn't sure. Other than the layout and some individual ideas of my own, there wasn't much else I could gather. So after a long chat with the man himself, we managed to produce a layout. A layout that was, for the old-timers, something totally different than the old one. So what was next?

Well I knew that with me being in my final year of A Levels, I was going to at some point, have important exams. I didn't want the Buzz to become a victim from a lack-of-activeness-editor. So I started to consider a joint editorship.

After talking to Nyxxie about how the Buzz was soon to be back on its feet and with a complete change, I noticed that she also had some very good ideas for the Buzz. After some sly questions I then began to realise she also had a good head for it as well. So after some deliberation I decided to hire Nyxxie as my Co-Editor. But where did that leave me now?

First of all, I wanted BSF2000 to hear her ideas. We discussed, contributed and made some final decisions. Nyxxie was the one who came up with the Buzz Bank idea!

After some weeks of waiting BSF2000 finished coding and left us with the almighty new Buzz.

Cutting the story short we hired, fired and had some writers resign along the way leading to 24 issues! What an amazing achievement we begin to feel, but is it enough? Only the readers know and we encourage you all to continue with your support.

Through all this time I managed to teach Nyxxie some things here and there about the Buzz, some of which she's learned a great deal - most of which she already knew.

This article is purely to let you guys know that we appreciate any and all input you give. We will continue to run contests including some casino giveaways as well.

I would also like to take this time to publicly announce that Nyxxie is practically the main Editor now. She's proved her ability to edit the Buzz with pure professionalism at all times, and has the eye that is needed to make the Buzz great. This is not my resignation but an announcement to show that Nyxxie will be more or less running things on her own whilst I go through my exams within the next few weeks. I'll be here to take care of any over-judgment calls and any concerns with writers, including the hiring of new ones.

We appreciate your contribution to the Buzz, as readers, and we hope to please you all with many issues to come under our editorship.

Thank you for reading,

~Buzz Editor~