Sunday, May 20th, 2007
Issue: 24   Editor: MsNyxxie

Classifieds Catch-Up Air

The Game Forum. In short, a place to discuss game related matters.
The Off-Topic Forum. In short, a place to discuss anything you like.
The Classifieds Forum. In short, a place to discuss advertisments ranging from pictures to Organised Crimes.

The Game Forum. Topic Title - Topic-Maker - Post Number
The Off-Topic Forum. Topic Title - Topic Maker - Post Number
The Classifieds Forum. Topic Title - Erm... so... yeah... what's going on?!

This is something that everyone has been facing for a long time now. The Classifieds just simply wasn't the same as the rest. The ugly duckling.

In the Game Forum and Off-Topic Forum you would be familiar with how the updated forums would look in future but yet we constantly saw the Classifieds Forum on the 'older' layout. Not as old as the old setup, but old enough to look weird. Yet on 17th May, we saw something special. Something much more extraordinary. It was the same!

That's right. The Classifieds Forum is now up-to-date with the rest and we can finally see some similarity in the forums. The main problem that occured with the old forum layout in Classifieds was that the Help Desk Operators were unable to mute someone in there, and considering the spam that can be found over there, it was a pretty big problem. This issue has now been eliminated. So watch out, the HDOs are about!

The only problem I would personally bring up is that the Filter option at the top of the screen looks weird, on the far right. You've got a big space from left to center and it looks too hefty. Maybe a lift to the center of the space would be more visually correct.

But besides that, it's good to see everything up-to-date once again. A big thanks to BSF2000 and Sabin for their work on Bootleggers and to keep it up, and not disappoint the Bootleggers players.