Sunday, May 20th, 2007
Issue: 24   Editor: MsNyxxie

Survivor: Elysium DejaVu

24 hours after we witnessed the Mother’s Day massacre of Event Horizon, things seemed to go back to normal around Bootleggers. That peacefulness, however, would not last long. On Monday night, Wanderer, the State Don of California was shot! But who would shoot a State Don? Before that question could be answered, the stats page had refreshed and the newly listed names all had one thing in common… Each dead person was a member of Elysium.

Was this another crew war? Who were the shooters? The usual questions all seemed to be appearing on the game forum. With every death came a witness statement. These statements directed us to the same three members, HimmelX, Browneyes, and Alatariel. With the crew bosses of The Invisibles attacking Elysium, BL was getting more exciting by the minute. I spoke with Himmel to find out if this was business or personal and was told, “The kills were made for revenge of the deaths of Sweetie and Triper.” Himmel was referring to last week’s kills on a State Don and a Legendary Don, both members of The Invisibles.

But why Elysium? Speculation around BL was that Spine had paid for the killing of Sweetie. Himmel let me in on another little secret, “We've watched Spines dupe, binladen, go into and out of Elysium for the last week or so. We knew he hadn't quit, and he hadn't stopped being a part of Elysium.” With revenge in mind, The Invisibles “just wanted to make a statement.” HimmelX, Browneyes, Alatariel, wapusk and Triper quickly struck back. In less then two hours, all but three Elysium members above the rank of Godfather had been shot and killed.

Roughly 1,300,000 bullets had been fired and 27 users were left dead. The following message was left on the Game Forum by Himmel, “Spine, in your last kill thread you said that you would be quitting BL. Consider this our way of paying our final respects.” With that last message, revenge had been served, but the job was not quite finished. In the early hours of Tuesday morning, Grace was shot, finishing the job and leaving us with two State Don vacancies.

With the current holder M2ZA in vacation and a few members left alive in the Elysium crew spot, nobody is really sure what will happen to this crew. Will they bounce back like Revelation and Event Horizon did? Or will they disappear from the Stats Page like Friendship First, Absolute Zero and the many others crews we have seen this reset? Only time will tell.