Sunday, May 20th, 2007
Issue: 24   Editor: MsNyxxie

Underground Crew to Official Crew poisonbullet

This is a question that so many people have tried to get the answer to and some have succeeded and some have failed but with so many UG crews out there and only 10 Crew spots they are becoming like gold dust! Many UG crew think that buying big properties will gain them the respect and money needed to get up to becoming an official crew and gaining the power they have always desired, Eos the boss of The Supremacy said “I is the actions of a crew that bring it respect not properties” but other would argue that properties are the only way for UG crews to build up both being noticed, maybe some respect and most importantly of all some revenue!

Diesel, state don of Nevada and the crew boss of Sempre Famiglia told me when asked what he thought the best thing an UG crew could do, “The best thing an UG crew is simply to buy a slot” therefore the best thing an UG crew can do is to raise money, so maybe a casino is the way to go, but Diesel warned “Killing for it [a crew slot] always leaves trouble” He also added that being organized was one of the most important thing a crew could do and told me that 3-10K points was a good price for a crew, not much variety then! But not all the people I asked agreed with Diesel, DadouV6, boss of the revolutionary front simply told me the best way to get a crew spot is “bullets” so there are two opinions that obviously both work as I see them both as crew bosses on the stats page! So who do you agree with? Do you think there is a better way than these two options? Is there another way?

I would like to end by wishing luck to all the UG crews out there trying to get to a crew spot!