Sunday, August 12th, 2007
Issue: 35   Editor: MadamNyxxie

An Apple a Day... MadamNyxxie

Mysterious hitlists, with nothing but vague comments and a signature. They end all their hitlists with one word-- their crew's name. Anymore detail about this very underground crew is unknown. All anyone knows is their name and their method of choice or Modus Operandi, if you will, of exuberant hitlists; putting prices on people's heads of extraordinary amounts is what this crew is known for.

They're known as "DoctorZ," and although exactly how many there may be in this underground crew, at least three came forward to the Buzz for an extensive interview. With so much money being handled via the hitlists, the first question comes to mind is how exactly these Bootleggers' players are coming in contact with all this cash. Due to such high point prices, one would assume that the frequent selling and purchasing of points play a major part in where hundreds of millions of Bootleggers' dollars are coming from. "Casinos and bank interest," was their solo reply as to their money-making tactics. Either these group of real life friends are either very lucky or their casino strategies are spot on.

"Concerning the hitlisting, it's not a collective decision at all, but I think I can tell for all of us (at least me) that we support the actions of each other. ItÂ’s quite funny to see someone (the victim) who has been OCing two times a day for 10 months, dying in a few hours," stated one member who came forward to the Buzz when asked about their reasoning behind the hitlists. He went on to say, "especially when this is your friend who hitlisted him!"

The attacks on Glory were made publicly known in the Game Forum. Under a new scum account, iDoctorZ commented, "My reasons for hitlisting Dagorlord (A.K.A. Aurevoir) started a few days back when he called me powerless; he knew it wasn't true. Then he said I couldn't take out his crew as he has so many State Don friends. When I started hitlisting them, he began to try and get in contact and told numerous friends that he made a big mistake."

Some members believe a crew spot is in DoctorZ future, while others believe otherwise. With all the attention this highly underground crew is giving themselves, surely once they get their hands on a crew spot, many will see to it to take over.

However, whatever the outcome of this underground crew is, DoctorZ has provided well over $500,000,000 in hitlist bounties and days and days of entertainment. With the members of DoctorZ unknown, it seems that this in-game entertainment will last for a long time to come.