Sunday, August 12th, 2007
Issue: 35   Editor: MadamNyxxie

Bootleggers' Buzz Sound Off MadamNyxxie

In this segment, you will be given a weekly topic to debate about. You will have the chance to post your opinions, comments, criticism and ideas on the Game Forum, when the proper official topic is made.

Next week, 5-10 (depending on how many we get) random opinions will be placed on the Buzz along with a new debate question!

What is your opinion of "DoctorZ?"

What do you think of the Nation Don feature now that you know what they are capable of?

I like it, it spices up the game a whole lot. It makes things alot more interesting. Don't change a thing.

All it's been used for so far is 5 minute searches every where. TFM must have had all those bullets from been s.don for such a long time.

I hate the feature! 5 minute searches are too little, it should be atleast 30 minutes.

Nation don or not.. if someone wants to takeover a crew and does it good it will seem to go just as fast as when a nation don does it.

It's good in some aspects in the way of the fact that it livens Bootleggers up with their potential killing sprees but then again, they can be killed as easily depending on the amount of bullets, they are not nearly invincible, and I think that is how it should be because it's annoying having long waits between Nation Dons.

Nation Dons are a symbol of power, I do not understand how noobs can get away with killing them just because they can. Now think of the Nation Don as the leader of any country, he or she will be untouchable, killing this person should take strategy not money. Therefore I think the Nation Don should be more powerful.

I like the features of the Nation Don because although it gives them a chance to wipe out 200+ people in one go, they are also not invincible. I also believe that the amount of time they put into this game, they deserve the option to have a little bit of fun if they want.

I think it is great because of all the hard work you have done to get where you are at. 5 minute searches, shooting less bullets, profit from all state - I think thats pretty well worth it if you think of all the hard work they put in to get there.