Sunday, August 12th, 2007
Issue: 35   Editor: MadamNyxxie

The Second Day Of A Scum Slice2Dice

(Day one in issue #34)

As the sun slowly started to rise into the sky on the warm Californian morning I slowly stood up and looked up and down the dirty old road. Ah the glamor of crime that I had dreamed about.

I wiped myself down and took out the tramps money. Twenty seven bucks. Just enough to buy myself a new set of cloths, so I decided to take a walk down to a nearby clothing store, hoping I would find something better than my moth eaten rags.

Half an our later I walked out in some third hand trousers and a dirty t-shit. I felt like such a Pee-Wee in the world of crime, still I thought it better than what I was a day previously.

I walked to a diner at the end of the street and decided I would ring some old buddies from school, they were all big successful lawyers or doctors. Rich in other words. After another twenty minutes I have finally convinced one of them to lead me some real money to help me get on my feet.

I put the phone down and sat into of the nearby booths and ordered a small whiskey, it must have been late enough to drink somewhere in the world, right ? I downed my drink and walked outside, hoping to find something to steal. I saw a man ruffling a newspaper under his arms. I booted him in the back and ran off with his paper. Obviously it takes a real big man to kick someone in the back and steal their newspaper.

I sat down near my ditch and looked through it, flicking through vaguely until I reached a page titled “Classifieds”. I saw an advert for a driver. Giving someone a lift to a bank ? How hard could it be, I thought. I new the bank and I new where I could get a car cheap. I walked to the address on the advertisement and knocked on it.

I was quickly bundled inside and frisked for weapons. A man walked out of the shadows nearby and gave me a piece of paper which said “10%”. Wondering what the hell was going on I just accepted this strange offer of ten percent of something for driving him to the bank and back.

So off we went in my “brand new” Beauford. As we slowly rolled along the high street towards the bank one of the men suddenly pulled out what seemed to be a machine gun and cocked it. I gasped but before I could ask about it I saw the same sitting next to me pull out a stick of TNT! I was sitting in a car with men about to rob a public bank, oh the thrill!

I stopped by the bank, the adrenalin running through every vain in my body. A few minutes later I saw the guys running out of the bank with bags of cash in their hands. They quickly jumped into the car and told me to go. I didn’t really want to stick around to greet the police. I saw a short man run out of the bank shouting at me. “YOU GOD DAMNED THUG!”

A few bottles of Whiskey and three hours later I stumbled out of the small room of the motel and into my own a few doors down from the rest of the guys. I laid down on my stained bed, clutching my twenty thousand dollars and drifted to sleep.