Sunday, October 14th, 2007
Issue: 44   Editor: Nyxxified

Crew Of The Week - The Uprising JustDrew

Another week has come and gone, this one full of killing. I’ll try to take a break from writing the stories of blood and death to bring you a look inside another crew here on Bootleggers. I’ve had an opportunity to visit yet another crew and I would now like to bring you the fourth edition of Crew Of The Week. This week I will be giving you a peek inside The Uprising, a fairly new crew with a lot of potential here on Bootleggers.

Bosses: Feared & Rumrunnerv3
Maximum Capacity: 50
Current Members:41
Recruiters: RatedR, DVSx, Satan
Crew Tax: $110,000 a week.
Necessary Rank: No set rank currently, as activeness and attitude of the applicant go a long way.
Necessary Wealth: Every member is expected to ensure they can pay their taxes and buy bullets as begging is not tolerated from any member.

The Uprising (TU) actually made its debut on the stats page as Team America. Former owners MasterSam and Flyboy2109 asked Rumrunner to run the crew. Current boss Feared was invited over to act as the right hand man. After about a month, the idea of purchasing the crew was discussed and MasterSam was approached. Feared purchased the crew spot and it was decided that a name change would soon follow. With a new name, new management, new setup and even new faces, it seemed like the right move for everyone involved.

As with other crews, you will need a minimum of 2 vouches to be considered as a potential member of The Uprising. However, vouches don’t guarantee acceptance. Applicants must either contact a recruiter or one of their vouches to obtain an application. Once the application has been filled out, they are voted on by the TUmembers of the crew council. The applicant is then contacted with the decision. The process usually takes around 24 hours on average.

Problematic Members:
If a member of The Uprising breaks the rules they are approached by a member of council and every party will have the chance to give their version of events in question. Anyone who has made unauthorized kills, threatened another player or given out crew information will be most likely kicked and on the rare occasion they may be forced to part company with their account.

The Uprising is a fairly quiet crew when it comes to the game forums, but in their own crew forum that is a different story. Members can make their own threads, run competitions, or even buy and sell items in their own classifieds area. The thing I noticed that makes TU stand out is the internal ranking system. They have put hours into this system by creating rank pictures and a massive points awards system. Members can earn points through things such as leading all crew OC's, upgrading their guns and protection, or even buying bullets amongst other things.

For those of you who want interaction and the chance for your hard work to not go unnoticed, The Uprising may be a good fit for you. The members are a lot of fun and work hard when it comes to keeping the crew running smoothly. As usual I was treated very nicely and had a good time on my visit. I would like to thank Feared, Rumrunner and each of the members of The Uprising for the chance to visit and entertaining me. Stay tuned next week as we bring you a new crew with a new story to tell.