Sunday, October 14th, 2007
Issue: 44   Editor: Nyxxified

Is It True?? JustDrew

I’m trying to get more Buzz readers involved here so I have decided to to try a new idea for this week. The point of this article is simple, you guys get to come up with an idea or a rumor and send to me. I’ll pick one every week and test it out to see if it is really true or simply a rumor. This week I’m going to put a rest to the rumors that using a police car to kill someone will keep witness statements from being sent out…

On Thursday while doing my usual car stealing, I received a shocking response. I had finally got my first police car. Sure it was a little damaged but hey that’s nothing a quick repair can’t fix! After putting my car in the shop, changing the plates and moving it to my home in California I decided to test out a rumor I have been hearing a lot of. Does using a police car in a murder really keep it quiet? With the help of a low ranked friend, I had a target to shoot in Cali.

I waited patiently for 4 hours, selected my police car, loaded my Tommy and decided to make the hit. While the street looked empty, that wasn’t the case. I drove up beside the friend, pumped his body full of fresh bullets and sped off into the night. After opening my PDA, my inbox appeared to have 4 of my own witness statements meaning I was safe right? Wrong… Before I could ditch the car, my phone was already ringing as a fellow crewmember and another player I didn’t know had indeed seen the kill.

Since I had shot a friend, there was no need to keep it quiet but this proved that using a police car to kill someone will indeed send out witness statements, for those of you hoping to quietly make a kill.

If any of you have any ideas or rumors you want me to test out and put to rest, please send me a bootmail. I’ll gladly try it out and answer your question if it is a reasonable request. If I don’t receive any requests, I’ll let this article quietly die. As always, thanks for reading!