Sunday, October 14th, 2007
Issue: 44   Editor: Nyxxified

Spree of a Nation Don MikaVerLeth

A new Nation Don caused what most people would expect it to cause, a killing spree. Two wiped crews and more kills were the result of eganwo's promotion to the famous rank of Nation Don. Being a part of The Cammora gave him the opportunity to show what they were made of.

The attack was mainly concentrated at two crews: Revelation and Sempre Famiglia. Both crews were taken over by using insiders.
Firing a total of 1,825,000 bullets Eganwo wiped the two crews and shot nine random casino owners.

As for taking over Sempre Famiglia TheLastBot (a.k.a. Boterham) said: “SF had DoctorZ and The Cleruzio members in it, + it is a retarded crew, they don't deserve a spot,” adding, “We wanted to make the bootleggers-community remember that the oldschool is still here, we killed everyone and every crew that has been disrespectful to us, we also killed a lot of money holders and shooters of rival underground-crews.”

After three months of preparing The Cammora finally put their theoretical plan into practice while they also shot for the Michigan Bullet Factory that is being owned by Event Horizon. ShadyLady kindly commented on the matter: “Agetro was holding Mich BF and was killed by Eganwo,” she said. “When asked, Eganwo said he made the kil because he wanted to hold the BF.”

“Eganwo also killed someone in EH who was owner of Loui Slots,” ShadyLady added. Luckily both properties are back in the hands of Event Horizon again where they are sure to remain until sold.

Big question of course was to as 'why' the shootings had been done. The answer to that is really simple: “For fun.” One of the biggest wipes this reset had been done simply for fun and that is how it should be of course. This is a game and it is meant to be played. As to whether or not this is the last we've heard of the answer would have to be no, they are sure to show up sometime.