Sunday, October 14th, 2007
Issue: 44   Editor: Nyxxified

The Syndicate strikes again! Refugee

Yet another State don proven to be a part of an infamous underground crew. We have seen The Clericuzio, The Cammora, ect. taking action with the help of State dons, causing havoc and massacre within the game.

This time, it was The Syndicate that has chosen numerous casino holders, bullet factory holders, and three crews as their primary targets. As their shooter, Maltstar started shooting topics in the Game Forum started appearing. All paying respect to their killed friends.

But there was one slight difference between the shootings we have seen in the past and the shootings done today. Instead of shooting quickly, the shootings were done on a time spend of appropriate 2 hours. Which could of have led to Maltstar being killed so quickly. Being killed by TripleZ in such a short period of time, it makes people wonder... Was TripleZ his body guard or not?

In the end 1,500,000 bullets used, and appropriate 500 points for traveling. The result, several dead casino and bullet factory holders (all chosen randomly), many dead within The Order and The Deadly Alliance, and of course, the crew take of Death Before Dishonor.

With Death Before Dishonor disappearing from the statistics page, a new and in fact old crew has rejoined with the Bootleggers community, namely The Associates.

While I was not able to get a hold of Maltstar for further details, another Syndicate member has contacted me in regards to todays shootings and the single mistake, which they clamed should not of have happened. The kill of all around loved Woody, ex-boss of The Deadly Alliance. This is what The Syndicate had to say.

''We were shocked and surprised when we discovered that Maltstar had killed Woody. And we would like to formally apologize. However, it does bring up the interesting question, was it justified? And to that we can say, that he was in the crew when there was no need for it. Once again. Apologies for Woody and a few of the other kills which were not meant to happen. The rest, we hope you enjoyed the show!''

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen. It seems to me, that no matter how much you all think the game is dull, there are always those small, private little underground crews that keep us entertained on a daily basis.