Sunday, November 4th, 2007
Issue: 47   Editor: Nyxxiekins

Buzz Sound Off Nyxxiekins

In this segment, you will be given a weekly topic to debate about. You will have the chance to post your opinions, comments, criticism and ideas on the Game Forum, when the proper official topic is made. The topic is made at a random time during the week to ensure that many players get to eventually voice their opinion!

Next week, 5-10 (depending on how many we get) random opinions will be placed on the Buzz along with a new debate question!

What is your opinion about the one casino per person rule? Do you think this rule should be scrapped or kept? What would make the game better, this rule or more properties to own? What would you do if you were BSF2000?

Do you think the people who were Admin-killed by Sabin for using an outdated mod script found in the depths of bootlegger's files, should be revived, kept killed or be put on the Ban on Sight list?

BOS, They were fully aware of what they were doing and they knew it was against the TOS, thereby making them BOS.
~ BloWYourLoadOut

Kept killed. They were wrong.. banning them only causes loads of appeals.
~ ForTheLoveOfRod

It was never said that what they were doing was against the rules. It was created by an admin. I don't think they should be revived or placed on the BoS. I believe Sabin did the right thing.
~ Chr1sVMoreThanMea

Well, I`m sure they deserved what they got, Cause no one exploits by mistake, they did it even though they knew it would get them banned, killed or put on BOS. So whatever happens to their account, is fair.
~ DadouDied

Sabin did the right thing by killing them...but posting in their profiles that they are cheaters and should not be "trusted" was uncalled for in my opinion. If he thought they were cheaters he should have put them on the BOS.
~ TwoGunsV4

Rules are rules, its like Daily life, you dont steal money from the government because you know you are wrong, This is excatly the same, Keep them dead and let them proof themself.
~ MindeaterI

I don't get the big fuss over it that the killed people have made. If anything, the offenders should have been BOSd for what they did. They claim that it was legit due to being a valid bootleggers link but thats the same as saying you break into a bank vault and take some money, because the bank is in the same country as you.

Sabin was lenient in my opinion, and the offenders are lucky to have just lost their money rather than the right to play the game. Exploiting is exploiting, regardless of how much you dress it up.

~ MoshpitNinja

They should be banned. What if they used that money to buy points? Points would automatically find there way to their new accounts. I know 10k is nothing but if you do it with a crew and every member gets 10k a day, well you do the math. So, why kill? They used a bug to gain money. I mean come on, Sabin has banned people for joking about exploiting 62k points.
~ Johnny2tecs

I believe they should be kept killed. They cheated. However, the exploit they used was a part of the game, just an outdated one. Therefore, they should not be banned, because Rod is right, this would only cause several hundred appeals for the overworked mods to deal with. The exploited cash has been removed from the game, and the cheaters taught a lesson. End of story.
~ Chetro

I think what he did was completely fair, ban on sight would be a little harsh.
~ xArsiniC