Sunday, November 4th, 2007
Issue: 47   Editor: Nyxxiekins

Crew Of The Week - Revelation Drewdini

So I took a week off due to repeatedly logging in to view the death screen and have decided to come back with a bang. What is a better way to do that then involve Revelation (Rev)? You see, the members of Rev know all about death. The way they handle it is what makes them so unique. As one member told me, “We wrote the book on death.” Indeed they did, it would appear. With that being said, let the fun begin!

Bosses: CarlitoP4
Maximum Capacity: 50
Current Members: 45
Recruiters: None
Crew Tax: $100,000 a week.
Necessary Rank: No requirements.
Necessary Wealth: No requirements.

Revelation is one of the oldest crews on the game, and has been around the stats page for three rounds. Rev was founded back on June 3rd of 2004, just 9 months into the existence of Bootleggers. Born2Kill was the original boss and founder. Throughout the past 3 years, leadership has changed hands twice, with the crew being given to Pinto, and eventually Carlito, the man now in charge of this carnival. As for this round, the crew was brought back by the members, for the members. Rev has also been host to many wars within Bootleggers, but always seem to come back against all odds.

Like many others, a player will require 2 vouches to be considered as a potential member of Revelation. Once the vouches have been received, a thread will be created on the crew forum. This allows the members to have a say so. If the player receives no objections, they will be sent a fun application from for Rev. This in turn will get posted on the forums and the player will then get to experience the carnival known as Revelation.

Problematic Members:
If a problem arises involving a member of Revelation, the member will be spoken to in a fair and just manner. I have been told it usually doesn’t have to go any further.

Wow, where do I even begin to describe what makes Revelation unique? The first thing that makes Rev unique is the way they treat each other. Nobody is more important then anyone else. You will find that all members are equal, and things such as rank, money, or even council status don’t seem to matter. It was also noticed that Rev members are only here to have fun and rarely if ever take anything serious. Rev doesn’t seem to be a very popular crew, but I can’t seem to find one that is more fun. They realize that this is only a game, and ignore things such as death. As Mikey told me, “Actually we think dying makes the game more exciting.” This brings up another issue that makes this crew so unique, the death medals… While in Revelation a death will get you a bronze medal, 3 will earn you silver, 5 will get you gold and if you are lucky, death number 10 will allow you the chance to be platinum. As if this isn’t enough, they are currently discussing a new set of medals. If you are looking for a good chat, the crew forum isn’t the place to go. Instead, Rev members use the IRC, and this is the place to be at any given time. Upon a visit to this IRC, I noticed the final unique factor I will discuss here. Unlike most crews, these guys and gals really know each other. They talk more about issues like who is having a baby, got a new job, and such rather then discuss the game. That family aspect is as unique as any.

For those of you who want to have fun and don’t care about rank or money, you might want to check out Revelation. Be prepared to die though, as it seems like someone is always shooting at Rev. This is more of a family then a crew and that makes it worth the effort of waiting to get a chance to join. I want to thank Mikey for all of his help with this article and the members of Rev for always keeping me entertained when I visit the IRC. I’ve taken a look at many crews throughout the 4 years I’ve been on Bootleggers and this one takes the cake when it comes to an all around good time!