Sunday, November 4th, 2007
Issue: 47   Editor: Nyxxiekins

Flyboy Makes Bullets Fly MikaVerLeth

He had been 'On Vacation' for quite some time, the Colorado State Don flyboy2109. When he finally 'returned' he made sure the Bootleggers community knew he was back. Shooting around two million bullets and killing over 95 players, he attacked and attempted to wipe three crews.

One of the crews to be attacked was Brotherhood without Banners. Killing 30 members BwB was fortunate enough for the crew to drop to a member that was On Vacation and therefore could not be killed. This way the crew managed to remain on the statistics. Shortly after the shootings, however, the holder came back from vacation and passed the crew on to another member. BwB was sold and turned into The Gambino Family

Second up was The Uprising. Flyboy2109 shot 38 people and the crew dropped to a Boss+ member. Shortly after being shot up TU, being weakened with hardly no Boss+ members left, decided to sell the spot. So it would be, for it took little time before TU were gone and there was an other crew in their place. This was the re-entrance of Mobb Figaz to the statistics. The crew has been on there before and had to leave when they were shot and taken over.

Last but not least, Insert Name Here, the former Glory, was attackted. Losing 39 members they were the third crew to be brought to the edge of remaining on the statistics. However, having a member that was On Vacation, the crew dropped to him, and thus, remained on the statistics a little longer. The crew is now under new ownership. It took little time before we witnessed the name change of Insert Name Here into The Redemption. Crew owner ButterflyJody kindly commented on the matter: “I bought the crew for 4,200 points, it is now called The Redemption,” she said. “We will call it The Redemption, it will be strong we hope, we are close to 2 other crews, not naming any names but they know who they are,” was the conclusion of her story.

With TU being sold and replaced for Mobb Figaz, Insert Name Here being under new ownership and Brotherhood without Banners being sold, flyboy2109 has surely caused a lot of changes. He might have been unable to wipe the crews from the statistics but did cause a large change within the crews that are on the page at this very moment.

Hereby we have witnessed the end of three crews and their replacement by three others then are surely here to stay!