Sunday, November 4th, 2007
Issue: 47   Editor: Nyxxiekins

Name Inserted There? Drewdini

On Saturday afternoon, we said goodbye to the members of Glory A.K.A. Insert Name Here and welcomed a third new crew this week, The Black Out A.K.A. The Redemption. Although they have a new name, the members of The Redemption have been on the stats page three times this reset as The Black Out.

With their fourth appearance on the stats page, the crew decided it was time for a new beginning and thus the name change was made. It appears these guys are just back to have some fun, as I learned when I spoke to a couple of members. BabbaXx, a boss of The Redemption, was kind enough to speak with me and answer how and why the crew decided to come back.

“We just took our chance,” he said, adding that the spot, “was clean, so we just bought it.” Contact was made with a boss of what once was Glory and a price of 4,000 points was agreed on. The deal was completed, the crew spot changed hands, and we witnessed one experienced crew give way to the beginning of another. BabbaXx also agreed with his members, saying “There isn’t a reason why we came back, just for fun.”

So with a new name and a new start, what will become of The Redemption? Are we going to watch them grow throughout the holiday season? Or are they going to fall from the stats page yet again? Only time will tell… We at the Buzz wish a warm congrats to all of the members of The Redemption on your new crew and also want to say good luck to all of the members of Glory. We hope to see you back one day!