Sunday, November 4th, 2007
Issue: 47   Editor: Nyxxiekins

Two More Mods of Winter! PinkSpaceh

We were graced a couple of days ago seeing two HDOs promoted to Moderator on Friday, October 2, 2007. Kudos goes out to VoodooDoll and Rod for their hard work on dedication on the help desk leading to this day.

I had the opportunity to interview both of the newly added moderators so that you can hear it from their own words what they think about the new promotion. I will go head and show you the questions I asked both of them now, so you will know what I am referring to later on in the article.

  • What were you doing when you were offered the promotion?
  • Were at all surprised to hear about the offer for the position?
  • Being that you have been an HDO for some time now, you're used to the usual procedures, how does being a Mod compare to being an HDO?
  • Was/Is it much of a culture shock viewing the world from a staff viewpoint rather than a player or player/staff?
  • Do you see yourself further down the road accepting more responsibilities in the moderator position or possibly even as another admin

  • First up to bat, my interview with VoodooDoll went really well. Funny thing about it though, I think we shared an experience with Sabin that I can only begin to think he does for the fun of it. “I was logged onto Bootleggers and Sabin sent me a bootmail and said ‘We need to talk’ and the 1st thing I thought was ‘Oh crap what did I do now?’ LOL”. Sabin had done the same to me about a post I had made in forums when I was HDO and I had the exact same feeling. That answer lead to my next question, since VoodooDoll was not expecting anything of sorts, she was indeed surprised by Sabin’s offer.

    VoodooDoll’s generosity does not end there of course, no it does not. When asked how being a Mod compares to being an HDO she replied “A lot more to learn. A lot of responsibility. Slightly more fast paced. But more opportunity to not only help the players but also back up the HDO's”. She also stated that the change to moderator was a bit of culture shock but some of this may still be due in part to the surprise ways Sabin likes to spring these things on you. She did not foresee herself becoming an admin or anything, then again she did not at the time want to be an HDO or Moderator either. Only time will tell such things, as it life has a way of preparing us for those things we think we do not want.

    The last question, I purposely did not show you, I wanted to be a bit more light hearted view into those we grow to hate so much. This was too good of a question and answer for me to attempt to work into a paragraph, so I will just include both he question and the answer below. Enjoy, I know I did thinking up the question.

    Spacie: So, does the son of a moderator get any special privileges?
    VoodooDoll: LMAO put me on the spot. Lets see here...
    VoodooDoll: Time outs in the naughty corner at the discretion of his mum

    My next victim...err interviewee under the microscope was Rod, who by chance just happen to be congratulating VoodooDoll on her promotion when he received his offer of promotion. Rod was also completely surprised by his recent promotion, not expecting that HE of all people would ever be moderator. He, of course, best said it, “Completely, erm.. you know I can be pretty outspoken and even harsh sometimes. I don’t really know how to put it but I’m sure that YOU know what I mean”. Rod did not really have much to say on the comparison, stating that he had only been mod for one day but he did note the increased attention, spam, responsibilities and the sudden surge in “friends” he has as if he has just won the lottery.

    Rod had an interesting answer to my “Culture Shock” question though, surprised even myself even though I had gotten to know him a bit on the Help Desk. He replied, “Difficult question. It sure is overwhelming. I think that as HDO you do have a better understanding of what mods do. The ‘shock’ isn't as big as it would’ve been if I didn’t have that HDO experience but it still is big.”, on a side note, I was relieved he had stated it was a difficult question as that told me I had done a good job thinking up some good questions. When asked of his aspirations for moving further up the ladder, Rod emphatically stated a definite... maybe, let’s just see how this goes. I did end up asking Rod if he would miss having all those fun names, he replied “Hehe, yeah that was always good fun. I still have a list of names. I'm gonna think of ways to put them to good use.”

    Just like VoodooDoll, I wanted to end Rod’s interview on a light hearted question, which I must say was definitely a very good question, hats off to Kenny for her help and just like VoodooDoll’s question I do not want to spoil the the purity of the question nor the answer, so you can just read it below.

    Spacie: If Rod really was one of us what would he say to guide us all on the path of Rodliness?
    Rod: OhMyRod, using my own words against me huh? Just remember that in the end, Bootleggers is a game. Games are meant to be fun. Don't let anyone spoil that.

    Well, that is all for me for this week. I hope you enjoyed the article because I know I sure did enjoy writing it. I hope this gives you a deeper insight into the moderator’s you give such a hard time to and realize that despite how they may respond to your inquiries, they are human too.