Sunday, November 4th, 2007
Issue: 47   Editor: Nyxxiekins

Unwritten Rules, Written. Nyxxiekins

Some rules or codes of conduct are not necessarily spelled out for you on Bootleggers, they are just known. However, this week, Air takes his own person time out to make those unwritten rules, written for those who need everything lined out for them.

Amongst these rules not written anywhere on the Terms of Service, and up until recently, on the forum stickies and Important topics, is the rules about Properties, Crews, Escrows, Safety Shots, Messaging, Vacations and Temporary/Permenant Bans. Air, in a neat and orderly fashion, laid out these rules for everyone to read and become aware of.

Lack of knowledge is not an excuse any longer for those who are banned for a rule they went against.

At least once or twice a day in the Game Forum, someone will question the status of someone else's ban. Air states in the Stickied topic, "We will not discuss such issues with anyone other than the accounts in question." This once unwritten rule, is now written. Although an obvious factor to some, others will now be able to come aware of this rule before posting about it.

The rule of "one property per person" is no longer amongst the unwritten. In a clear and coherent manner, Air layed out the law. "Only one casino/Bullet Factory is permitted per user. Holding more than one will result in either a)ban or b)confiscation of one property you are holding," stated Air in the topic. The exception, however, is to those who won the casino whilst holding another. Those players are given time to sell, give away or let others hold their casino. Whilst doing so, you are not permitted to log off. Signing out, in the eyes of the Elite Guard is disregarding the rules and will result in the confiscation of your casinos or eminent ban.

Although all rules are not written out for us, we should use common sense when doing things. When in doubt, the Help Desk is only a click away-- there are 10 HDOs and 6 Moderators willing to help you out.