Sunday, January 13th, 2008
Issue: 57   Editor: Nyxxinator

An Endangered Species? HolyMoly

Since day one of Bootleggers the rank of Legendary Don has been the most desired and respected rank of any player. With an orderly queue of L.Don's forming to make the next step up to State Don the actions of one player this past week came as a bit of a shock for the Bootleggers Community, especially those in the firing line.

SinCity shot and killed no less than seven Legendary Dons during his spree. When approached by a member of the Buzz team hoping to find some reason behind the killings SinCity simply said " The thing that made me shoot was that i was kinda bored and wanted some fun, and then Sabin gave me a perfect opportunity to find all the L.Don's hence the new feature! " . The new feature referred to is the option to now filter out banned players on the Find Player menu. By filtering the banned players and entering "%%" into the username space SinCity was then able to gather the list of names he needed in a fraction of the time it would usually of taken before the feature was added.

So with seven Legendary Dons already killed the only two remaining were Andy who was currently on vacation and VBSnaak. Its unclear why he was not shot by SinCity its possible that the search failed but at this time although a formality we are still none the wiser. VBSnaak was later killed by Clive, this may have been a favor for SinCity or it may have been for the glory of the kill.

With two of the victims being current members of Event Horizon SinCity admitted timing was of the essence when it came to making the kills with the same crew being home to Bjorn: Bootleggers Nation Don. SinCity went on to say " I had to wait until Bjorn was "off duty" though. Since there were 2 L.Don's in the same crew. Then i slowly started to kill those who were in a state with S.Dons and finished the L.Dons who were not in a S.Don state! I couldn't risk dying with a s**t loads of bullets on me! " . The Bootleggers world stood by and watched as some of its highest ranked players were picked apart . When the shooting was over it was the turn of the casino owner to receive a little scare of their own. SinCity stated that they would all be next and they were to choose between them who should die first! This saw a great flurry of activity on the classifieds page with tables for sale at lower than usual prices. This all came to nothing and the casino owners were fooled into fearing the worst it would seem.

With it unclear to most who had carried out the kills at the time the shots were taken, a scum account hastily created a Game Forum topic attempting to put the blame for the killings of the Event Horizon members Getter and brainv1rus on to the Louisiana State Don boomsoung. It seemed whoever was hiding behind the account was hoping to cause friction between the crew and State Don. With the witness statements gradually coming out into the open it soon became clear to all who had carried out the kills and that boomsoung had no connection with the events. SinCity was later killed for his actions . It remains to be seen whether the rank of Legendary Don will now be a target for other wanting to make their mark on the game.

With approximately 350,000 bullets used and the fall of 8 Legendary Dons Bootleggers not only saw another eventful day in the forums and statistics page but one thing the actions of SinCity has done is blow the race for a State Don position wide open!