Sunday, January 13th, 2008
Issue: 57   Editor: Nyxxinator

Arm Wrestling Updated. LadySylv

Late early the morning of January 9th, Sabin updated the Arm Wrestling page a bit according to some "Featured Suggestion" tips he got. Arm Wrestling, a slowly dying feature used only by those who managed to keep a long-standing account, was almost unused throughout some months now, but with this update, its worth a try again.

Strength classes have been added and it is only possible to wrestle someone from your own strength class, as the Arm Wrestling page does not show anyone from a different strength class.

The Strength Classes expand from level zero to more than 1,000. Flyweight deals with the players new to the feature with levels between zero and nine. Lightweight, between ten and 29, Welterweight between levels 30 to 59, Middleweight at level 60 to 99, Cruiserweight between levels 100 to 149, Light-Heavyweight with levels 150 to 399(150-399). Heavyweight comes in second best including levels 400 to 999 and crowning the tip of this apex is Super-Heavyweight dealing with anyone with levels higher than 1,000.

Surprisingly, most people were happy to see this update.

As usual, however, some didn't agree. Men9709v3 stated,"I'm at level 152, I still can't win." And as Fisherman, he made it clear that he liked Arm Wrestling the way it used to be saying, "Get it back the old way, if the max of lightweight is, for example level 9 I just have to reach level 9 and nobody can ever beat me anymore!" He said this because if you join someone else's match, you don't gain the same 2% you'd gain per match won if you created it yourself.

Sabin told us there there may be more updates to come, concerning Arm Wrestling.

You can also hide all outgoing and received money from Arm Wrestling now as well.

Ladies and Gentleman....