Sunday, January 13th, 2008
Issue: 57   Editor: Nyxxinator

Buzz Sound Off! Nyxxinator

In this segment, you will be given a weekly topic to debate about. You will have the chance to post your opinions, comments, criticism and ideas on the Game Forum, when the proper official topic is made. The topic is made at a random time during the week to insure that many players get to eventually voice their opinion!

Next week, 5-10 (depending on how many we get) random opinions will be placed on the Buzz along with a new debate question!

What are your opinions towards how HDOs/Staff are treated? Do you think it's justified or just a way for others to seek attention by acting hard and dissing HDOs/members of staff? How should and HDO/staff member act towards such rude players?

"If help desk operators and staff agree to be on a public level they should accept criticisms. I mean the Prime Minister gets ridiculed every day of the week. Think about it that way, its freedom of speech."
~ GQ

"I think it comes with the job. I work on customer services at my place of work and while something the company does pisses people off, I'm the one who gets it in the neck. Not to mention the amount of abuse I've taken before. It's not nice when people tear into staff, but it comes with the territory of helping moderate an online game."
~ MospitNinja

"Truthfully, anywhere you go there is always people that are going to hate the people in charge. For Example... your boss at work can be hated, also principles for the people who are in school, its just a human instincts."
~ ZR

"Sure it goes both ways. But there needs to be limits. Your "freedom of speech" is no longer a factor when you start harassing and abusing other people. Staff and players alike."
~ VooDooDoll

"People will always complain and abusing staff. It comes with the job. Staff should and they already do, just ignore it. At the end of the day, they do good work."
~ SnipesPinto

"I agree a lot of people bag you lot for no reason but at other times there is good cause for you lot to answer for the occasional appaling way we as the mere plebs of BL do get responded to.

~ Acheron

"HDO's are players, being rude to them shouldn't be any different than being rude to anyone. And about staff, I don't know, people are either jealous or they just don't agree with their actions, it's just the way things are. I find it perfectly normal for haters to exist."
~ Chroniclesm8

"I do think being a staff member, you get noticed sooner then other players do. And I don't mind that at all. I guess it comes with the job. But there is never an excuse for abusive treatment. There is a limit. Surely you can have an opinion about someone, but there are proper ways to express it."
~ LadySylv

"I think jealously is a big factor is why people abuse HDO/MODS/OWNERS on this game. Even though people wont admit it, but you people do get abuse for no reason, for the opinions & rules you have on the forum's. Generally people who don't get there way in the game abuse you. As they have nothing better to do."
~ MarkieBack

"All-in-all, I think staff members of the game are mistreated. What people don't understand is, that HDOs/Staff are just trying to get their job done correctly. If there weren't any Staff members at all, this game would go down-hill rather fast. Sure, alot of people may think that they are "harsh", but if they don't do what they do, then this game would be over-run by people with no respect."
~ BigJohnson

"I think this debate is pointless because unless its praise for the help desk it will not be heard and how can a HDO be leading a debate and honestly be open minded and not bias. I am a believer that respect is earned not just given because you are in a position of authority, i do have great respect and would never stoop so low as to verbally abuse or name call any member of staff unless they abuse me but i would hope that would never happen."
~ TheBossMan

"When you ask a question like this then answers are few and far between. Im going to concentrate on HDO's as you treat mods like shit then ban pl0x! Lets start talking about 'respect'. I use that term loosely as lets not forget this is not the real world this is an internet game. So on one hand you have HDO's whom are players chosen to give guidance to other players via the help desk or BM and also to monitor the forums and make sure people follow the forum code. As with every other player the same issue pops up. Someone is bound to be jealous or focus his attention on you out of dislike for you. This leads to abuse or insulting which maybe not too serious but hurts the player. I don't agree with this but i have to say it's part of them game. If someone makes a mistake then they should expect the abuse and not take it to heart. On the other hand you have the HDO's being abused just because of their position or their real life relationships. This is retarded and anyone who does so should logoff and go back to playing in the sandpit. It's no different to bullying in real life and it's pointless. I'm not for the censorship or people being forced to be nice as incase some people haven't noticed the world is a cruel place. Wake up! I am however against personal vendettas against said players who week in week out do an outstanding job as HDO's or other jobs in bootleggers. So yeh keep your opinion to yourself if it's for no real reason. If they do something wrong be my guest a bit of 'ribbing' never hurt anyone but it's when the vendetta comes about and everyone jumps on the bandwagon to insult them."
~ ChrisLovesDenise

"This harassment rule his being played way too often by the staff/HDOs. You accepted that with the responsibilities you are given as a member of the staff to come under criticism at times, it comes with the job. Its ridicules how often that the rule is being screamed when the person in question simply doesn't want to hear the Bootleggers community voice their opinions. Just because you don't agree with what someone's saying, doesn’t mean they're harassing you, deal with it. How often you hear players screaming the harassment rule when they’re getting abuse, unfortunately those players don't get dealt with as harshly."
~ DiamorphineLKP

"Staff members are just in the limelight more, so little mistakes get picked up on more easily and forum whores pounce. A lot of people also break rules without knowing and when they're punished with ban or mute they over-react"
~ Finesse