Sunday, January 13th, 2008
Issue: 57   Editor: Nyxxinator

Hitlist Mania! WesTCF

In the early hours of Saturday 12th January we seen a well respected player, LeggeRFTW, otherwise known as Jericho/Disturbia, sold 3,900 points and used the money for hitlists. LeggeRFTW's reasons for the hitlists was because his holder was killed due to the Wealth Update and because he was bored of Bootleggers.

LeggeRFTW had spent over $370,000,000 on hitlists. His first hitlist was OriginalUsername and OriginalUsername was hitlisted for $30,000,000 and was later killed by thadthemanroberts (Requested Kill)
The second hitlist was ITigerboiI and he was hitlisted for $40,000,000 for being rude and LeggeR stated his last three names.

The third hitlist was MisterPink and he was hitlisted for $133,333,337 for not giving LeggeR a requested kill. A few minutes later and MisterPink was bought off from the hitlist.
MisterPink was then hitlisted for $75,000,000 for buying himself off. Then someone bought MisterPink off again and then LeggeRFTW made his final blow with another hitlist to MisterPink with $100,000,001.

LeggeRFTW says there is more to come.. so stay tuned.

Have a good week and stay safe in Bootleggers and real-life.