Sunday, January 13th, 2008
Issue: 57   Editor: Nyxxinator

Revelation' Retribution ChrisLovesDenise

The death of a Revelation State don, Emporio, meant bullets were inevitably going to fly at his killer Bjorn. With the death of such a high rank from Revelation the consequences were bound to be severe and the following chain of events lead to the untimely death of 2 State dons and the 7th Nation don, Bjorn.

With Sabin's update, regarding State dons being unable to produce bullets whilst on vacation, Emporio and AlBundy were left unprotected. This is where the story of revenge starts. Unknown to many outside of the Revelation council, Emporio was actually a member of Revelation. With rumours circulating Bjorn took aim and fired 420,000 bullets at AlBundy and Emporio but this was just the beginning.

Event Horizon, having killed Emporio, were always asking for trouble as Revelation had ''vouched'' the State dons security to them. GoldenCliffy, a council member of Revelation, when asked about the situation stated. ''Well it all started when Bjorn killed Penny S.don, we had him vouched safe and without even consulting us EH decided to kill him along with that other S.Don. First we took the BF back and then decided to kill their S.Dons and N.Don in return.'' With Michigan bullet factory safely back with Revelation, revenge for Emporio was sure to follow.

At around 11:30 bootleggers time, 660,000 bullets were fired from the hitsquad of stealth93 resulting in Grizzley and Zuzz with no bodyguards remaining, out of 3, and Bjorn found himself down to 2 out of his 5 bodyguards. Desolation then unloaded 229,000 bullets at the Nation don killing just one bodyguard out of the 2 remaining. With the elimination of the bodyguards the State dons were left vunerable and GoldenCliffy took aim and fired 180,000 bullets in total at Grizzley and Zuzz, killing them both. He then set his sights on Bjorn and killed the remaining 1 bodyguard with a further 100,000 bullets. The Nation don during this time had become aware to the imminent threat and so utilised his 5 minute searches to kill 2 of the 3 shooters, GoldenCliffy and stealth93.
Unknown to Bjorn there was a backup 4th shooter, Whirlwind, who soon put an end to the 7th Nation dons reign with 140,000 bullets.

When asked why the kills were made in the first place Shooter, Council of Revelation, said, ''We had vouched Emporio as safe to EH so we didn't expect them to shoot. Obviously since they did we had to take revenge and this was done today. As far as we are concerned the next move lies with them.'' So, in the eyes of Revelation, the next move lies with Event Horizon.

I took this opportunity to pose a question to the bosses of both crews. CarlitoPV3, boss of Revelation, said ''At the moment it's like this, they shot we took revenge. We decided to limit our revenge to this because of our friendships and overall good working together. If more are shot we will need to answer that. Same for EH if we decided to shoot them out of the blue, they would feel the need to answer that.
When Betty, boss of Event Horizon, was asked of any plans for revenge she had this to say. ''I have no current plans for revenge''.

An unfortunate day for Event Horizon who sustained the loss of 2 State dons, a Nation don and 2 members who were the bodyguards. Revelation also lost 3 members in the build up to the killings and the actual killings themselves, including 1 State don. With 1,309,000 bullets being fired and the reign of 2 State dons and the 7th Nation dons reign coming to an end, we can only wait to see what happens next.