Sunday, January 13th, 2008
Issue: 57   Editor: Nyxxinator

Shaggerty Reinstated as Moderator Nyxxinator

After Shaggerty got removed from the Elite Guard, for reasons that are now deemed "unimportant" by Sabin, Bootleggers lost one of their most active Moderators. The 11,044 Help Desk Tickets he closed, show part of his activities, while the reasons Sabin decided to remove him from the team clearly are unknown to other staff, HDOs and players.

"Sabin came to me saying people want to see me back, he asked if I was interested still," said Shaggerty in an interview with LadySylv. With his friendly and helpful attitude on the forums, it's not a surprise why people had asked Sabin if it was possible Shaggerty would return to the Elite Guard anytime soon.

"Learn by your mistakes. Everyone makes them. Welcome back," said MarkieBack in the forums, obviously glad to see the hard working moderator back on the team.

"Welcome back Shag, wise decision," said SuperLegend, another supporter of this move.

While on the other hand, some players weren't happy with this change, comparing Shaggerty, again for reasons unknown, to former moderator, LordPringle. "I just hope you don't feel like you don't have enough time for being a moderator again, and then randomly kill lots of people," said DiamorphineLKP in Shaggerty's self-made welcome back topic.

"He's probably gonna do what he did last time, get his rank back and then leave the EG and shoot me again," said NeddySteadyGo as he remembers Shaggerty's killing spree with the 13,000,000 bullets he received as moderator.

In an interview with the Buzz, Shaggerty stated that, "Having a joke in the forums," was one thing Shaggerty will miss the most as being a "normal" player.

Yes, Shaggerty, time to behave again!