Sunday, January 13th, 2008
Issue: 57   Editor: Nyxxinator

State Dons are Losing Bullets MikaVerLeth

A change has occurred for the State Dons, they can no longer produce as many bullets as before. Now, the amount has been lowered from 1,000 bullets to a 'minor' 200 bullets that can be produced by their bullet factory every ten minutes.

This came as an unpleasant surprise to the Louisiana State Don, boomstang, when he had built himself a person bullet factory and started producing, only to find out that he could only produce 200 bullets every ten minutes. Whilst he had been able to produce the normal 1,000 the day before. It could only mean that a change in the script had occurred.

Some players did not agree with the script change as “S.Dons were here to do major kills, Sabin took the fun of them away,” according to one of the players that replied in the topic. Sabin, however, disagreed with that statement. “The SDon and NDon ranks,” he said, “were NOT added to create more killing. The idea was that these elite players would have a great deal of power, and might actually be able to control things in their state. That's why they get a cut of certain money transactions. If people aren't in their state, then they don't profit.”

Sabin also doesn't agree with the statement that State- and Nation Dons would lose their power as they can't produce enormous amounts of bullets anymore. “If an SDon plays his cards right, they can get the 28k bullets per day, plus buy from bullet factories, and still be a force to be reckoned with,” he said. Leaving out the Nation Don, who can access his personal bullet factory from every state. “I might be doing something for that, too,” Sabin said. Adding, “And in both cases, if the S/N Don is in a crew, they can get crew bullets.”

Now we know the changes but, of course, there must be a reason for them. Sure there was. Sabin explained the reasons on the Game Forum. “This is actually in response to the lack of LDons in the game. It tells me that the power level of the S/N Dons is too great, and must be balanced,” he explained. “1200 bullets an hour (nearly the capacity of a regular BF) for $65 a bullet (deathly cheap!) and no competition or need to keep clicking to get them... Yeah, I'd still say you've got a lot of power.”

Fact remains that the State Dons have been cut in their ability to produce many bullets and most players fear that this is the end of the State Don killing sprees. Sabin, however, points out that the actual purpose of State- and Nation Dons wasn't not to be able to do lots of killing. “People are meant to fear the State and Nation Dons. Not because they might randomly die, but because they earned it,” Sabin said. Of course, the State Dons (and Nation Dons) still have power and are still capable of killing so they are still benefiting from their rank.

The State- and Nation Dons will always remain powerful, even with this update they are still capable of doing some great things. Only thing that's changed is they now need more time to be prepared. Yet, they still have power. As Sabin said: “How you use that power is up to you.”