Sunday, January 13th, 2008
Issue: 57   Editor: Nyxxinator

The Road to HDO-dom Nyxxinator

Many wonder, exactly, how Help Desk Operators (HDOs) are chosen in Bootleggers. Are they by vouches by moderators, other Help Desk Operators or even players? Or, perhaps, does Sabin take matters into his own two hands and does the process on his own. The Buzz talked to Sabin on this matter that has been boggling the minds of some. How are HDOs chosen and what can you do to find yourself on the Help Desk list, your name glowing in yellow?

According to Air's profile, the HDO spot is at an "invite-only" basis. He continues that if any player wishes to become a Help Desk Operator, the best bet is to, "help the general public with any questions they may have. Being active in the forums with a professional approach to your replies will help, just as having a vast knowledge of the game itself and its workings."

But what does that mean precisely and what is the inner workings of scouting for Bootleggers' next new victim, er, I mean, HDO.

"We don't vote, but we do vouch. A mod that is in favor of the HDO will present a case as to why, and other mods who support or reject the nominee also give their side. At some point through the process, I review the cases, do a little background research of my own, then make a decision," stated Sabin. Prior, rumors were circulating saying that moderators vouch and that the vouch is the key to getting HDO-dom. However, this is not true. Although it can start out as a vouch, Sabin makes it clear that the final decision is through vigorous background checks as well as the opinions of other moderators who had nothing to do with the intial vouch.

However, what if, by some stroke of chance, Sabin finds someone worthy on his own, free of any moderator-vouches? Does he act? "It's rare that I choose someone on my own. I make it a policy not to add HDOs on my own at all, but in the past it has happened on occasion," stated Sabin. After all, being an Administrator (intrusted by BSF2000 himself) does have its perks. However, do to his "distance from the players," Sabin finds it hard to make that decision with all his other duties. "I spend most of my time doing programming, help tickets, testing, appeals, and management of the Staff," continued Sabin, "The Moderators are more in-touch with the flow of the game, and can generally offer better choices for HDO than I can."

So what is there to do if you want to become HDO. Air's profile stated the guidelines, but what does Sabin think? "Simply be helpful," he stated. But what about this darn "HDO Wannabes?" Is that what Sabin would call-- helpful? "Don't try to police the forums, as that will just get you labeled as a Wannabe HDO. Don't get banned, as that looks bad on you... Basically, don't get overzealous or break any rules." I couldn't conclude this article any better.

Good luck.