Sunday, January 13th, 2008
Issue: 57   Editor: Nyxxinator

You SHOULD Play the Game. LadySylv

Scums all over Bootleggers got a rather unusual message this past week when attempting to send messages to fellow players, friends, HDOs and Staff. "You should play the game, not just send messages," is the new talked-about restriction given to Scums.

This new update caused some big discussions. Most people saw this as a bad and unnecessary restriction.

Rumors started to grow that if a scum is on someone's friends list, the scum could bootmail him or her or if someone sends a bootmail to a scum, the scum could reply. These are rumors, and not true.

We from the Buzz asked a scum, LostKaya, to help test how it exactly works. It turned out that if you just play the game, you can send messages. The amount of messages you get in return for a crime or booze run is random. On one occasion, after one successful crime, LostKaya was allowed to send Nyxxie three messages. Following another successful crime, the restriction only allowed her to send one message. The same was the case for a booze run, which allowed LostKaya to send Nyxxie two messages.

We asked Sabin if a player ranked to PeeWee, has
normal bootmails again. He answered, "Everyone has normal BMs,
even scums, except when they first start. If someone sees that message
after the first 5 minutes of starting the account, then they are probably a spammer. Anyone who plays the game with any regular sort of effort should never see that message."

The main reason for this update is to avoid spam, as VooDooDoll stated, "It's to prevent random scums
from signing up and mass messaging/spamming users online. If people stopped doing stupid things then these measures would not have to be put in place."