Sunday, September 12th, 2010
Issue: 45   Editor: HowlingMadMika

A Violent Entrance From Aftermath Soldiers PoisonBullet

Two seemingly separate shootings took place on the fateful day, 18 carried out by XxBlazer69 and 29 by Nation Don ImmaStar. A total of 47 kills made over a period of nearly three hours.

We at the Buzz were a little confused by this action, a Nation Don shooting is nothing new, but the combination of a shooting partner and seemingly no target such as a crew this seemed like it could be something new, something different. So we contacted XxBlazer69 first, as he kicked off the shooting, and he told us he was shooting, "to try and hit money holders to make our own money more valuable in total game stats." Simply the less money there is in the game the more remaining money becomes worth.

However, who was "our"? Surely it wasn’t worth shooting all of those bullets to make one player's money worth more, no matter how rich they were. XxBlazer69 told us, "I've just come back from not playing and thought it would be a nice way to introduce Aftermath Soldiers as a UG crew. You should hopefully be seeing more from us soon." Sure enough, we saw more of Aftermath Soldiers soon when XxBlazer69 seemingly ‘tagged’ ImmaStar and he took over the spree.

The Aftermath Soldiers picture sitting on his profile saved us from having to inquire about the motives behind the shooting from ImmaStar, instead he told us about how long it took to plan for an attack like this, "Basically I’ve been planning since Ii got to S.Don..’ adding ‘Getting to N.don just made it all a little quicker so around 2 - 3 weeks in total."

Two to three weeks of planning, two shooters, hundreds of thousands of bullets, 47 dead suspected money holders, an in game money drop of billions, a Nation Don willing to back the crew. Aftermath Soldiers seem to have achieved their aims and well and truly announced themselves to the Bootleggers world. We at the Buzz look forward to “seeing more from [you] soon.”