Sunday, September 12th, 2010
Issue: 45   Editor: HowlingMadMika

Did you know? pt. 5 Altro

Did you know that the Body Guards of State and Nation Dons used to be able to kill them with 100 bullets? They didn’t even need to search! The ability was removed when the new kill feature was added.

Did you know that Bootleggers has won game of the month four times? A game can only win once every 12 months and won for four years running, however, recently no attempt has been made to reclaim the title.

Did you know that there are 54 user controlled properties, excluding establishments, in the game? That is nine bullet factories and 45 casinos. There are also nine train stations which can be owned by crew, however, only one at a time.

Did you know that Bootleggers has an IRC? You’ll find a Java client on the side menu title “Chat” which will give you access. You can also use other programs such as MIRC.

Did you know that it is possible to complete twelve organized crimes in a day? You can reset your organized crime timer after two hours of your previous crime, using 1,200 points you could OC twelve times in 24 hours. People often believe that it would be possible to do 13, however, even if you and three other players were able to click at the speed of light you would commit your 13th crime seconds after the deadline passed.

Did you know that on the 27th of this month Bootleggers will reach its seventh birthday? That’s right, bootleggers was created on the 27th September 2003. In that time the game has changed a lot, with three different styles, four different versions of the forum, two different login screens, three versions of bootlegging, five resets and hundreds of crews.

Did you know that instead of banning players, staff members used to kill cheaters and hackers? These kills were known as Mod-Kills and would appear on the statistics page as normal kills.

Did you know that you cannot travel if you are involved in a blackjack game? You will have to finish the game before you can use the page. This is to stop confusion about which casino you are playing on after you have travelled.

Did you know HowlingMadMika is hiding his Don rank? He is really a Respectable Don. Shhhh, he told me not to tell anyone.

Did you know that when you are in a safe house you cannot commit crimes? Like being in the hospital or shooting range you are locked out from a lot of features in the game, however, you can still bust.