Sunday, September 12th, 2010
Issue: 45   Editor: HowlingMadMika

How to ‘Power Search’ PoisonBullet

After promising to write this last week, we did feel a pang of regret.. do we really want to cause more shootings and action? Yes, I think we do.

So we thought about the best way to do this and we decided that a few simple bullet points that you could follow when you fancy a bit of power searching was the best way. We’ll make it easy for you, simply save this article in your favourites and when the time comes look this up, follow these simple steps and watch your target fall... Mwuhahahaha!

  • The player who wishes to shoot selects a target; this may involve finding witness statements of fellow crew members or friends. The best places to look for witness statements are in the game forum and in the classifieds ‘Witness Statements’ sticky.
  • The player searching should search for the player they wish to kill with all of the detectives for about an hour, this should be plenty of time but you can search for longer if you want to be very safe.
  • The player searching should continually ask detectives for updates on the player’s location; there will be some sort of update every 5 minutes even if this is ‘I have no idea where ***** is’.
  • Whenever any of the detectives have the slightest clue of where the target is the shooter should travel to that location and shoot.
  • If the player is not in that location then the shooter continues to ask detectives for updates and uses points to travel to various different states and shoot until the target is found and killed.


The way this works is that with 5 detectives searching, within half an hour at most they will have told the shooter the target is in every state, thus leaving the target nowhere to hide. Within 30 minutes you get 5 searches with results. With 9 states and 5 detectives you have 25 calls to make which means every state should come up around 5 times.

The more people you have power searching the quicker a kill can be made as targets may travel around (especially if they are shooting people themselves, which is when the need for power searching most often arises).

Oh and by the way this method does not work on any Buzz writers; I know, how unlikely but it’s true.. I wouldn’t even bother trying!
Hope this has helped, I look forward to the action!