Sunday, September 12th, 2010
Issue: 45   Editor: HowlingMadMika

How to make the game better! HawaiiVxx

hello BSF, I would like to give my opinion about many things about this game, I’ve been playing this game since December 2003 and I can say I saw all the updates u have done to this game, I like this game and many others like it, I simply cant stop playing it because I enjoy it, but I would like to enjoy it as much I used to when I started playing it.

I want to talk about many thing that you have to fix, or it really need to be fixed really soon, things a lot of players complain about, things players already suggested many times and no one did anything for it.

The New Killing System:

I want to start with the new killing system, not every update in the game would satisfy the players, sometimes you make an update that you see that its good for the game as a game, but its not good for players or they don’t like it (I know that players can't just pick the updates they like or just let you change it when they want),but when you see that 90% of the game comment about this update then you should make better move to make this game better and to let the people stop complaining about a new update that they don't really like, you created the new killing system by yourself or with some people's help and you saw that you like it or you thought it will be great for the game and the players, but we also have opinions and we don't like the update you made and tested by yourself, sometimes old things are better than the new ones.
what I like about the old killing system: first of all, the recovering thing is really a good thing, it really help players and it makes the killing more enjoyable as you still have time to repair their health or to travel or to kill back if they didn’t die at the same time you got shot at, you are not even giving us the option to use the ("10 units of health" Add 10 units of health to your current health.) on the points page when needed, its really useless with this new killing system.
Second, about killing Ndons and Sdons, those dons are not strong as they were because of this killing system. using the old system we used to use 2 shooters to shoot them, and it was really fun and you can enjoy it as u have bodyguards protecting the don and you really need more than just 1 shooter to kill a don with 3 bodyguards, now you can just buy bullets and stock many then search and kill him in 1 shot! its not fun, its really nice to work as a team when u want to kill a don, 1 to shoot the first time to get the bodyguards and another 1 to shoot the don, and sometimes you need another shooter if the first 2 failed to kill him as they can search once every 4 hours, now I can search many times in just few minutes, and just keep shooting and searching, Ndons and Sons lost their power as they are high ranks with bodyguards.
about the search fees, it really not fair to pay that much just to search people when sometimes you need to search for many times for the same person, people stopped doing scum hunting because it not really worth it and they just pay a lot for nothing, like who would pay 250k for every hour to search using "Luigi Vespucci".?
on the old killing system when we used to wipe crews, we used to put all the crew members for like 12 hours on the search, so when you want to start killing you would have more time to search and to see in what state you should start and to check where can you kill each player, and to see players when they travel and move from a state to another, now no one will pay for 12 hours for every player when he want to take over a crew.
The updating thing when you kill or when you get shot is really annoying! there is no point from it, you just wait 5 minutes to die, and if u don’t die u will be shot like really soon because you don’t even have the recovering thing anymore, so you just cant rescue you account anymore, its dead in away or in another, but with the 3 hours recovering I can simply shoot back when he cant just shoot me or any one else can shoot me.

The New Roulette:

I really like this new Roulette, its really nice and we have many options and it’s close to the real one when you gamble at a real casino but I prefer the old 1 and many others really like the old Roulette.
If you want to keep it you can just fix some things about it, like:
*why this new Roulette keep giving you the same colors? Like sometimes I get more than 10 reds after each other, which never happened with the old Roulette.
*big chips on the Roulette page are not useful, or in other words, no one will ever use them in anyway. Just take them off and make space for the other small chips as you spread them and not use the space for 12 kinds of chips, you can just fill the space with 8 kinds of chips that players will really use.
*A ready button will be a nice thing to add to the Roulette-owner Roulette page! Why should I wait 5 minutes to play on a Roulette and to let people start playing on my Roulette? I escrow the Roulette, I add chips, I set the max, I click on the ready button and I start enjoy holding/gambling right away when am ready. You can keep the 5 minutes thing just to make sure that they will start gambling on this Roulette if the holder is ready or not. for me, when I buy a Roulette, it would take like 10 seconds to add chips and set the max, waiting 5 minutes makes the game slower, makes a lot of people pissed when there is a good max and the owner looses the Roulette and buy it back many times as he is having a lot of people gambling on his Roulette.
*I would like to see how much the owner have in that Roulette! How can I know when to bet big? if I want to bust a Roulette I have to bet big and some people just make their Roulettes unlimited with 10k cash supply, that’s not really fun, but when I know that this holder have 10mils on his Roulette and I bet 10mils on a color and loose, I will not be pissed as much as when I hit and win only 10k cash supply that was on that Roulette!
*if you want to break the record with how many hours online you spent on this game, just never log off and open the Roulette page! With this new Roulette if you keep your account opened on the Roulette page you will never ever go Idle!
*players who share the same IP can gamble on each others Roulettes, this must be fixed.

Slots Machines:

Come on BSF! We still have the same slots machines since years and there still bugs in it?
The winning bug! If you bet and win the slots, you only win the money on hand from the holder and loose your bet! Your bet is gone! Its not with you and not with the holder when you win them, I got banned once for transferring money using slots machine, I got banned when I reported this bug, I bet like 10mils when the holder was wealthy, I won 350k and the 10mils I bet disappeared.
People can't see this bug as they don’t bet that high to see how much they lost or made, you have to get it fixed please.


I don’t know from where should I start talking about crimes, but this is the most important thing that you really have to fix and get solved.
*how the hell I fail crimes at 100%? lol not only fail and escape, get jailed also? :/
*when we used to do crimes before we used to know how much you are getting better on that crime, in other words, now lets say I am on "Rob a Fine Restaurant" and I am doing crimes, now I am on 73% chance, next crime I am on 71% chance, one crime after I am on 69% chance, then back to 72% then 73%, it just keep going up and down like a stock market, how can I know how much am good at a crime? when we used to do crimes, we used to stay on a number until you get to the next number, like I am good at this crime and my chance it 71% it keeps on that number and I can see how am getting better on it and when It moves to 72% I can see the difference till I reach 100%. Now it’s like going up and down and you can never know when you will start doing the next crimes or if you are even good at this 1 or not.
*1 hour of crimes = 1 point! I think it not fair and it’s not worth all the time you can waste to gain just 1 point! crimes pay small amounts, people need more money, new people need more money, how can a new player or a new scum just make money from crimes when it take ages just trying to get your first OC money? Or to have your first 100 points? or to pay 250k for a detective? or to buy bullets? can't you see its really hard to make money and its boring to keep criming for many days just to make some money? we need money to play, to gamble, to kill, to buy and sell things on this game.
*here, on I think 7k crimes committed you finish all the crimes with 100% chance and then you keep doing the same crime till you die, its not fair that people who did 7k crimes take the same amount of money from the crimes as people who did lets say 15k crimes! I did 15k crimes then am better in crimes that the guy who did only 7k crimes, I have experience more than him and I can steal more money from new places or in new ways! and as much you make crimes you are getting better and unlocking new crimes that pay more and more, lets say up to 10k for the crime max. A guy who clicked commit crime 15,000 times and gave you 15,000 hits on you site deserves more game money than the guy who did 7k hits. That will make the game more enjoyable and will make people do more and more crimes to reach the crimes that pay more.

Arm Wrestling:

Simply.. Why I can’t arm wrestle in jail? Go to a real prison and see people wrestling for money!(I never went to any am just saying). I can do pull-ups, pushups and exercise with dumbbells at a real prison or jail, so why can't I on bootleggers? You want to make this game close to real and I can do those on real.


there is no point in getting people jailed for carrying more booze than what the state allow you to carry, the old bootlegging system is better as it shows you how much max you can carry on what rank.
am sure that if a guy in 1930 took 50 bottles of beer with him on the train that no one will take them away from him and get him jailed for that, so just add to this bootlegging page how much can you carry on what rank, it will make it better, easier and it will stop the topics that we see every single day on the GF asking how much to carry on what rank.
Booze prices must go up by the time, not all of them but some of them, to let people make more money and really enjoy bootlegging, the best kind of alcohol that makes profit makes 512$ for a crate, I am a boss and I can carry 15 Crates, I will make 7,680$ every hour and a half! oh wow that’s a big amount of money that I would even worry about to open the bootlegging page, buy 10 Crates, check out, buy another 5 Crates, check them out, go to the train station and check the booze chart to see what state should I travel to, I arrive then I go to the bootlegging page, select all and sell. All that for 7,680$ minus how much I will pay for the train! Come on its not worth it, we need more money from bootlegging as it’s a way to make money. (Am not talking about the experience here as its counted medium on the "what gives me rank" chart on

Auto Burglary:

*select all tick box?? I am sure you got more than 100 suggestions from 100 different players about this! And its never there, why can't you just add it? Some people like to deal with cars on this game to make money, some people have more than 200 cars by stealing them or buying them as it’s the main source for them to make money, why should I tick 200 boxes every few days to change plates? Have you ever tried to tick 200 boxes on the same page to select all the cars? It takes more than 10 minutes! It’s really annoying and it never makes people buy more cars or even steal cars. A select all button will be really helpful and useful for many people and it’s really easy to add on the GTA page!
*why people only use Beufords, Pheatons and Duesys on this game? I can say that 90% of the players drop the other 5 kinds of cars when they are stolen, and never dealt with them or even used them for anything and they worth nothing, the 5 other cars can go for 1,5k max, find a way to make people use them, like to use a stutz for a new mission you will create, or to use a chevvy for killing only, or anything to make people use them more, you find a way how to let people use them more.
*I went to and picked some GTAs attempts from statistics added on the site:

Stolen cars (Success): 232
Stolen cars (Failed): 498
Stolen cars (Total): 730

Stolen cars (Success): 1,411
Stolen cars (Failed): 2,247
Stolen cars (Total): 3,658

Stolen cars (Success): 2,088
Stolen cars (Failed): 3,676
Stolen cars (Total): 5,764

Stolen cars (Success): 1,386
Stolen cars (Failed): 2,271
Stolen cars (Total): 3,657

I checked many of them, I never saw a 50% chance for a successfully stolen cars Compared to total stolen cars on any of them as you reach 50% chance on 200 steals. the % for the successfully stolen cars is close to 33%! just make it closer to 50% please.


The only thing I have for this, is that why I cant just send pts directly like before? You can just not allow sending unverified points. every time I want to give a loan to a friend or just take the pts back, I have to go to the escrow page to do it, you are not making this game easier and in the end I did the same thing that a "send points" command will do, but with 5 more clicks on the escrow page! I know its all about the points price and to see the average price per point, and its the same as adding points on escrow without adding anything infront of it from the other person or.. you can just leave the points thingy to the players like they did for more than 5 years before adding the points price in the points page. or you can just not count the points that were sent directly from the points page with the points price thing.

Black Jack:

It still stands on 4 cards even if they didn’t have 17! That’s since ages too and it’s really easy to fix.

Race Track:

It also still have the win bug since ages, I think many people reported this and its still there.


Till now I can’t upload a song! every time I upload a song and I add the link to my profile and click on update, the link disappears! Many people have this problem, I reported it once but I still have the same problem.

Banning on transferring money using a casino table:

Why would I get banned for transferring money using a casino table if the game also takes 5% tax for that?
Its cheaper to use it than the federal bank, and not all the people can just buy a casino table and transfer money if they want, so its really not fair, it’s a mafia game, and for me I would like to pay less taxes than others pay, its about mafia, crews and stealing, why can’t I just find a way to pay less?


Sabin did reset the lands values last reset after I sold a 40bils land after figuring out that lands values doesn’t count from the total money in the game, I remember that we used to kill low ranks to get their lands, now no one even open on that page, its killed! Lands now go up 1% every 24 hours, that’s nothing, BSF you have 2 lands in Cali, they can't worth more than 15mils max, you bought them since the reset started, that’s like 9 months ago, I think its not worth it! I better put the mil I pay for the land in bank and make more and more profit, here in BL people doesn’t live that long! Max they live a few month if they even didn't get kill before reaching assassin or boss, you made establishment useless and not even a thing to worry about. About the safe houses, 40mils daily for the Ndon if he want to use the safe house? lol I prefer to loose my Ndon than paying that much!!. garages? you can say they are profitless! Few dollars for some cars, not 5% of the players even use a garage to hide the cars. My opinion is you make the lands go up 3% like before, and make the safe house fees much cheaper than now. The establishment page was one of the most important pages on this game, its gone now, this update failed.


few years ago, I think 50% of the people used to play BL just to play poker and make money, now no one even open that page again, and its like this since 2 or 3 years, couldn’t you find a new update for it? you updates many things in a bad way that made people hate the new things, you already have dead pages that people doesn’t use anymore, those pages are the pages that need updates and to make them better to let people use them, things that are working really good just leave them as they are, things that people doesn’t use or stopped using, you have to focus on and work hard to make them useful and better.

There is a small thing must be add to it, I guess. we should be able to add crews in escrow page. So we don't get scammed.

Thank you very much!
I hope you read it.