Sunday, October 3rd, 2010
Issue: 49   Editor: SeanGoesToUni

Aftermath Soldiers - Mission: Search & Destroy xLew

This week in the Buzz, Aftermath Soldiers go on a high ranked killing spree, their mission, hit rich accounts and take out suspected shooters. Aftermath was once a Bootleggers statistics crew last round, now however their sole intentions are shooting from underground, so it seems their statistics crew days are now over.

Warped, an Aftermath shooter, more commonly known as ex Nation Don ImmaStar was the sole person on this mission, he killed over 23 accounts ranked between Legendary Godfather and Respectable Don. Where as at Nation Don he managed 29 kills, a combined kill count of 52, not bad with the round still in it’s first year.
The Buzz caught up with warped to find out how these kills occurred, he said “Toady's shooting was just a random spray hoping to hit accounts above and suspected shooters.” We then went on to ask him how many bullets were used and the cost incurred, he told us “320,000 bullets were bought from Bullet Factories and around 2,000 points were used for bullets, gun’s and travel.” quite expensive, but for a crew that seems to appear once every few months, no problem at all. The final question we put to Warped was this, What the next move for you and your crew, back underground, a statistics appearance, more shootings?, he replied with “Our next move is to go back underground and shoot people now and then.. Were boring like that. We have no intentions to be a statistics crew.”

So, you may not have heard of Aftermath (Soldiers) before, but rest assured they are our there hunting you down, keep your windows closed and you doors locked, until next time take care.