Sunday, October 3rd, 2010
Issue: 49   Editor: SeanGoesToUni

Current Kill System LowOnPancakes

This new kill system is difficult to work with. It's not "impossible" but in my opinion it makes it very hard to use the "kill" feature to it's full potential.I basically walked into this not knowing too much of anything.Round before last when I was a normal player the old kill system was still in place. It was easy to manuver and you pretty much knew what to expect. I think the BIGGEST down side of the new kill system is the waiting (updating) between kills.

You can very easily be stopped mid task by what they refer to as "power searching". It seems to be best to do your "spree" shooting at non-peak times when alot of people are already sleeping to prevent this. Another thing that is more of a distraction than anything is your "protection health". Must check it after EACH kill and if it gets too low itcan effect your "health". More or less you it's cheaper to "sell" your protection and just rebuy. After each kill before you do anything else you must use points to bust yourself out of jail. You must also use points to "travel immediately" between kills sometimes travelling back to the same state more than once.

Hopefully you arent too scatterbrained and remember to use a "call" before shooting online targets to make sure they are in the same state. Make sure you have "extras" of everything on hand. People hiding their rank might appear as "Don" but can be R.Don or L.Don which can also throw a wrench in your system. On the plus side the "contracts" page is pretty handy showing you if they are online,offline,or idle as well as what crew they are in at the time. I would only suggest that once you shoot and kill that contract goes away. It's a pain in the ass with all the scrolling.

When I was in the Elite Guard I never truly understood what the big problem was and now that I have been able to test it for myself (something we couldn't really do as staff) I understand. So much like the Boy Scouts motto "Be prepared" is a good sound piece of advice when using the kill system. "Sprees" take alot more coordination,resources,points,and luck that I ever anticipated here. My lesson was well learned.