Sunday, February 6th, 2011
Issue: 67   Editor: Aldarionosaurus

HGH Attacked vanish

For quiet some time, Bootleggers was controlled by a number of crews. The only way that guaranteed safety was joining one of these crews or their sub-crews. If you couldn't join one of these crews, you were immediately killed once you became a possible threat to the big crews. This, of course, scared a lot of people to play the game in a decent way, which resulted in a lot of inactive players. Therefore, it came as a real surprise this week when out of nowhere something unthinkable happened. The thing that many people just quietly dreamed about, became reality this week : one of the biggest crews at the moment, Haters Gonna Hate (HGH), was being attacked. And it was not just some attack..

Attacking a crew that powerful demands a lot of preparation. It is not more than normal that it took several weeks before the attackers had fully trained guns, and had finished the purchase of the corresponding amount of bullets, which was (according to the shooters Silkyj2 and PetterNorthug AKA CliffMotherfnLee and MrLarkin) an amount of nothing less than 200k bullets.
With an amount of bullets that high, we would expect a lot of injured players, or maybe, the wipe of an entire crew. MrLarkin said about this : “Our goal was to wipe the crew, plus a few UG accounts we knew about. While we didn't succeed in wiping the crew, we didn't really expect we would. Our goal was a wipe, but we were satisfied just doing significant damage. More exciting to me is that we killed eight of Pannu's dupes.” This last sentence sounds a little scary though. How can someone have at least 8 dupes without anyone knowing about it, or doing something about it? Although they did not wipe the entire crew, they did manage to do a lot of damage to the crew, which is, even for HGH, hard to recover from.

When the shooters were asked to explain why they chose to attack HGH, and not another dominating crew such as EH, they told me that they picked HGH for several reasons.
“We decided to attack HGH because they have shot us several times in the past. The members of Smoke and Mirrors have been growing quite frustrated with our inability to take any action in recent months, so we decided to use our remaining resources to make an impact. As we have been quite good friends with Event Horizon for a long time, we would not attack them, but we wanted to shake up the game somewhat and attack one of the "dominating" crews.” It also appears that Smoke and Mirrors, the crew that the shooters were in, hid inside EH until they ranked high enough, and grew strong enough to come out and execute their plans. But, like MrLarkin says, this shooting was done in the name of Smoke and Mirrors and HD & Q, not in the name of EH.

As we all know, this was not the first attempt on the dominating crews. Also, this will not be the last attack on them. Will this shooting inspire others to try and break the stronghold that the dominating crews have placed on the game? Maybe this is exactly what people need to return to the game : a good fight. We all have witnessed that nobody is untouchable or invincible, not even the ones with the highest power. To quote a movie : With great power comes great responsibility. And many enemies.