Sunday, February 6th, 2011
Issue: 67   Editor: Aldarionosaurus

Oh No! Another Horizon! Aldarionosaurus

Famous words from Captain Jack Sparrow himself, “Now... bring me that horizon.” Everyone was thinking it, but no one was saying it. We needed another horizon. A New Horizon.

Earlier in the week, BettyB created a sub-crew of Event Horizon. The crew agreed that they needed a sub-crew with a very original, distinctive name, so they chose New Horizon. The Buzz had a quick word with one of the rebels inside that crew. Rumor goes that the crew was created because of dissatisfaction about Event Horizon’s policy on pancakes. However, Reef, now known as NonReefundable said, “Yes, it's a separate crewspot created by EH to help the average player rank up more than they would otherwise be able to. Also to give EH members something else to do and be part of.” We’re not yet sure if they intended to make fun of the people joining the crew.

However, perhaps Event Horizon wouldn’t like all of this, but Reef firmly disagreed, “Well of course [they like it], were just a subdivision of EH, made sense to relate the two names.” So, it seems there won’t be a battle coming up any time soon, “hell no, All EH's get on like a house on fire and as a crew we have a great time. There might be some competition between the two; in order to try and make this game more exciting. But certainly nothing negative,” Reef told us. In short: it’s a peaceful sub-crew of Event Horizon and it all seems absolutely perfect (and no, I’m not biased).

To get a bit more serious, we also asked him about the purpose of the crew and why Event Horizon thought creating a sub-crew would work. Reef told us, “It offers players who get in a chance to rank, similar to LAPD and North Korea. Betty, EH council and EH members have put in some serious thought into the recent situation this game finds itself. Watch this space I guess.” Reef continued, “[the purpose is as] stated above + to give us EH members something else to do and be a part of.” Something to do, would that perhaps mean that the crew isn’t as friendly as it looked at first? Personally, I don’t think so. To end the interview, we asked Reef whether he had anything else to add, to which he gave the very unimaginable answer of, “Nope.”