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Editors note Sean

Hello and welcome to the first edition of the Bootleggers Buzz! This issue is FULL of plenty of articles for your reading pleasure, mostly concerning the events surrounding the first two weeks of the new round.

To bring you up to speed, Sky received a promotion to Moderator, the game has received a bunch of new features, including a new killing system and the Gymnasium and Establishment is no where to be seen. As well as that, an important rule change concerning holders could potentially change the way Bootleggers is played from here on in. All these important updates are covered below.

We also have a few articles concerning the first promotions and first crews. We tried to cover the first five crews to hits the stats, but unfortunately were unable to get Camorra's article in time so here's a shout out to them and a pat on the back from me. The other crews are covered, however.

You also have an interview with yours truly to look forward to regarding my new position as the editor, a mission guide for those of you who have found yourself stumped and a look at why Illinois is so darn popular. We've been very nostalgic this week, too, looking back at the much loved BootCast and even going right back to the roots of Bootleggers to give some insight into the very beginning of the game we have all loved and, in some cases, hated over the years. Aldarion has also kindly provided an FAQ for you guys, since the official one is currently down and TheWridge gives his thoughts on the beginning of round 7. All very interesting stuff, I can assure you.

Behind The Name is, of course, still alive and kicking. As is the Game Statistics article which made it easy to compare the state of the game from week to week last round. We have two new weekly articles, though; Forum Post Of The Week and the Crew Catalog. Both are very ambitious articles which will require the input of you guys reading to succeed so please contribute where you can be nice to those poor writers who give up their time week in, week out to bring you this huge and informative read.

I'd like to lay a few things to rest myself, considering this is the first issue. We are no longer taking on applicants, so please do not apply. The team is huge right now, which is brilliant for everyone because we get to show you loads of different articles. However, I simply feel that the team is currently operating at maximum capacity so to add any more people would lead to a bit of an overload. When we are recruiting, I will be sure to place an advert in the Buzz so just make sure you keep up!

A further point is how much I want to stress how much the Buzz is written by the players for the players. Please message me any suggestions you have for new articles, and I can assure you, hand on heart, they will be considered in the Buzz Forum and produced in some manner. If you have any suggestions for how writers may improve their articles, please don't hesitate to send them a little message as we are all ears. We WANT your constructive criticism, as we aren't writing these articles for us to read them, we're writing them for you. The more we can cater to what you want, the better it is for us. So please, bear that in mind.

And of course the best way to let us know whether we're doing our job properly is to read, rate and reply, so I encourage everybody to do that! Remember, this paper is only as good as we, as a community, make it. The writers and I are just one cog in the wheel, it is the opinions and suggestions of the community that will make this something we all want to tune into every single week.


The Skies Have Turned Green! AceAdam

Okay, I lied. But now you’ve stopped looking out your window and are now back to reading this article let me explain why I needed your attention.

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The New Private Investigators System MattyIce

As round seven gets under way, Bootleggers players are starting to utilize many of the new or updated features that the game now has to offer. One feature that many players have yet to use except for one of the new missions is the Private Investigators feature.

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NEW RULE: Holders Poison

On Thursday, February 9th, Riserva announced a new rule concerning holders. Basically, you can’t have them.

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Who's The boss? AbuRagheb

This week, crews have finally started to surface as players from all over Bootleggers have indefatigably reached the rank of boss. The first of whom disembarked to the shores of crew creation was, as many have had predicted, Pillow!

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Welcome Back Event Horizon! AceAdam

One of the most famous crews in BL history has once again returned to the statistics page and hardly need an introduction as most players who have played will know who they are, welcome back Event Horizon!

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Death Valley Vanish

‘Death Valley is neither dead, nor a valley.’

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The Buzz Official Mission Guide Vanish

The long expected Round 7 has arrived on Bootleggers. This new round brings a lot of old, but also a lot of new features to the game. Some of the new features are the gymnasium and the private investigator. What I will be talking about in this article is the new missions.

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BootCast: Second Coming? Balmorhea

Have you ever been on jail busting spree and had the urge to just jam out to some tunes? How about the craving for an Australian man to whisper sweet nothings in your ear you while you crime? Well believe it or not, there was once a feature on Bootleggers that provided all of this for the users.

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Bootleggers: Basic FAQ Aldarion

The Bootleggers FAQ is down at this moment and therefore we will provide you with some of the basic information you need when playing this game.

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Behind The Name powerbear

The Buzz has randomly messaged a few players to find a bit more about them, painting a picture of players behind the white text.

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Crew Catalog TheWridge

The Crew Catalog hopes to keep track of every crew Bootleggers has to offer and is updated weekly with the latest bits of news and gossip concerning the crews on the Statistics page.

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Game Statistics Poison

A snapshot of the game, delivered to you once a week, courtesy of the Buzz.

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The New Way Of Killing TheWridge

The recently updated kill feature might very well be one of the biggest mysteries in the history of Bootleggers.

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Establishment Evicted powerbear

As we awoke from our slumber to the exciting 7th round of Bootleggers, we were all mesmerised by the tantalising new features, the new missions, the new Bootlegging page and Gymnasium are just a few to mention. It took some returning players a few hours to realise there was something missing. The Establishment has been laid to rest.

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A Few Steps Ahead? AbuRagheb

It’s been about two weeks since the beginning of Round 7, and the race to the top has never been this fierce!

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The Urban Uprising Mrstick

Round 7 is now back in full swing and seeing the first few crews pop up is most defintily exciting! We thought this would be a prime time to invite The Urban Uprising crew boss to an interview and to get his views on round 7 and his crew!

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Welcome Gangsters Sanctuary! AceAdam

Gangster’s Sanctuary have won the race to be the first crew of this round to hit the statistics page with a little help from JackHigh, one of only two bosses at the time the crew spot was bought.

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An Interview With A Buzz Editor powerbear

As we kick off a new Round of Bootleggers, we see the return of a few old players and the very much anticipated return of The Buzz. With such a hectic time prepare for the release of the first issue, we invited Editor Sean to an interview for his take on such a prestigious role.

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Why Illinois? Lethal

A new round, a new start ... a new competition to get your name on the States page!

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Bootleggers: The Start! pariss

For almost eight and a half years already Bootleggers is the way to spend spare time on for a lot of people from all over the world, a website that is used for everybody in a different way. Some people like to play the game seriously and rank their asses off while others are here to seek friendship and be part of a huge community.

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Column: Welcome Round 7! TheWridge

Imagine standing in one of those old towns you see in western movies. Tumbleweed crossing the street, combined with the sound of chirping crickets. Everything is covered with dust and it seems that nobody else is there.

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Forum Post Of The Week Lethal

This article displays the best forum post we have seen this week. If you see any you like, send them to Lethal!

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The Buzz Team Sean

Our team here at the Buzz!

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