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Establishment Evicted powerbear

As we awoke from our slumber to the exciting 7th round of Bootleggers, we were all mesmerised by the tantalising new features, the new missions, the new Bootlegging page and Gymnasium are just a few to mention. It took some returning players a few hours to realise there was something missing. The Establishment has been laid to rest.

For those of you new to Bootleggers, also for those who didn't use the feature, the Establishment page included a map of the state you were in at the time with a grid over the top divided into squares representing pieces of land available for purchase. If you were in a crew, your square would change colour to match your crew. Some time ago, Event Horizon took advantage of this to spell out EH in Pennsylvania. Eventually the value of properties would increase and you had the options to build a Safehouse or a 500 car garage, again adding value.

You may be sitting there thinking, hey this sounds useful why was it removed? Well, these benefits did not come cheap! For a Safehouse on a piece of land you could expect to pay $4,000,000 upwards! Throughout Round 6 the majority of land was left unclaimed and the feature was hardly used. Garages and Safehouses took a number of days to build before they could be used so as well as investing a large amount of cash up front, the owner of land had to pray they weren't shot before construction finished.

The idea behind a Safehouse was to make it harder for a shooter to find their target if they hid within a Safehouse, with this added protection there were certain penalties. Hiding a player cost the land owner money, they could in turn charge users an amount to cover this plus a little something for their services furthermore, whilst a player was using the services of a Safehouse they were unable to do any crimes within the game nor travel, so when a shooter eventually found their target, they were trapped. The 500 car garage is self explanatory.

Riserva provided the Buzz with the following statement; "Establishment was a feature which was not really used and / or needed on Bootleggers at this moment in time. With other features being updated, Establishment has somehow fallen behind. We felt that there was no need for a feature which no one would use, so for the time being, it was removed. We do plan on bringing it back in one form or another, but that is still to be decided."

The statement left this reporter wondering do we really miss the Establishment? The land with nothing built had no bonus. A Safehouse involved a lot of money to make death slower but not stop it from happening, the value of the land increased more slowly than using the Federal Bank in most cases, the garage cost a lot of money compared to a 5 car garage available at the store and occasionally moving the cars you wished to keep. Hopefully removing this dated feature will allow for more modern integral aspects to the game in the future.

After adding the topic in the Game Forum regarding Establishment, The Buzz approached a few players for their opinions on the Establishment. This is what they had to say;

RatFaceRay: "Well they do not do you any good. It is a safehouse people should not be able to find you while in them. Like it was back in the earlier rounds.

Now they take your money and you get nothing in return. Unless they have an enhanced safe factor or be able to build something that makes money, do not bring them back."

Droste:"I would like to see it returned yes. But also updated. I think there is a lot of potential with safe houses and killing for properties. Something I was intending to try out this round! BSF has a lot of room for expanding it and adding more properties, and should do so!"