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An Interview With A Buzz Editor powerbear

As we kick off a new Round of Bootleggers, we see the return of a few old players and the very much anticipated return of The Buzz. With such a hectic time prepare for the release of the first issue, we invited Editor Sean to an interview for his take on such a prestigious role.

Congratulations and welcome to the new era of Bootleggers and The Buzz, may I congratulate you on becoming Editor for Round 7. First of all, I'm sure we'd all like to know about the real Sean.
How old are you and where are you from?
Just want to point out that I was editor for the Buzz before and I've retaken the reigns on the team. I'm nineteen and from Cardiff in Wales, UK.

What do you do outside Bootleggers?
Outside of BL I am a student studying Business Management at Cardiff University.

Do you follow any sports teams or play yourself?
I am probably the single least sporty person in the world, haha. Me and my friends spent all Summer trying to think of a sport I actually partake in and the closest we could come to was pool since I regularly spend time at a pool hall back home.

What is your favourite film?
That's a tough one, since I'm a huge fan of the cinema. I go there almost every day. My go-to answer for this is probably The Prestige, starring Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman. I love a film with a good twist and interesting psychological aspects.

What is to the left of you right now?
Haha! A pile of washing which I really ought to get round to doing... I'm way too lazy...

When did you originally join Bootleggers?
I think it was probably around 2006. I joined when my friend got me into it. Originally I joined just to take the piss out of my friend, but as you can see that backfired as I'm still here and he quit years ago. I only really got active on the forums around 2008.

I remember you used to be a HDO, do you miss this position?
I don't miss the position as I still stand (mostly) by what I said when I quit and since I quit. I'm just eager to see if BSF has turned over a new leaf or not. I guess we'll see what happens.

You seem to die a lot on this game, what is your favourite name you've ever had and why?
My favourite name was fredtheshark, which I had when I went underground for Club Boogie once. It just tickled me, I dunno why.

You have a long history with certain players, some good, some bad, who are a few players you respect the most, are there any specific you'd like to see back?
Yeah I'd like to think that I have mingled with the entire range of different 'types' of players on this game at some point or another. Gee, ones I respect the most? Well my closest BL friends right now would obviously be the likes of DTOX and Stu, who I spend a lot of time chatting with and have known for years. As for those I'd like to see back... I really miss Sabin, he was awesome. I also miss Porl. He is one of my bessies.

How do you feel about the responsibility of being the Editor of The Buzz as the topics from last round in the Game Forum and interest from players wishing to become reporters show it was a very popular feature?
Honestly, it's been a bigger responsibility than I had prepared for. Last round I took over at a time when motivation was average at best. We had maybe 5 active writers at any one time and getting them to write is what took up most of my time. In the week and a half since rejoining the team I've been absolutely swarmed with applications and messages from writers needing me to edit their article, and suggestions for the Buzz and just everything. Keeping on top of that while trying to get on with a lot of stuff I have to do offline has been a challenge. I think I have just about controlled it so far though and hope to do that for the future.

You obviously have journalistic interests, are there any of your favourite authors you'd like to mention? What was the last book you read?
I do like to write. I've always been told I have a gift for it. Whether that's true or not I don't know. I have considered going into journalism in tech as technology fascinates me. Currently I am reading the third book in the Hunger Games trilogy, Mockingjay. Honestly, though, I don't read as much as I'd like so I'd find it hard to name a specific author.

How did you feel when you were asked to take on The Buzz as Editor?
Initially I considered turning it down, but Mika is a long-term friend of mine and he made me see that maybe it would be a good idea. I decided to say yes, although still critical of BSF, because I do still have a lot of faith in the community. I guess I just want to give something back, like I always have.

Now to get on to Round 7, what is your favourite updated feature?
I haven't had a lot of time to test the new features as I've been really busy, like I said. I think the gymnasium is cool. I like the way kill works now where you have to train up other parts of your character. It should make killing more interesting. Excited to see where that goes.

Are there any features from last round you miss?
I miss Establishments. I feel like there is real room for improvement there. I've seen many players post loads of ideas for different types of cool establishments which could have been incorporated into the game. Hopefully we'll see it return one day.

What are you looking forward to most this round, are there any crews you'd like to see return to the Stats page?
I'm most looking forward to seeing how BSF responds to all the pressure from his players from last reset. Hopefully he'll have turned things round. So far he seems to be interacting more which is definitely a good sign. I miss my buddies at Club Boogie of course. I hope they come back. I'm not really sure what they have planned right now.

If there was something you could say directly to BSF, what would it be?
Well I'd say what I've been saying for the last year or so. Communicate. That's all we want. Show us your human side. That will restore faith in your ability to run this game and will make the players believe that you still care. I've been shown plenty of evidence to suggest either way, but that's irrelevant unless you can convince everyone other than your team of Moderators.

Thank you for this interview and goodluck with everything in Round 7!

So there we have it, our Editor is a Welsh Business Management student, with a pile of washing, where he loves his pool-halls and cinema.