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Who's The boss? AbuRagheb

This week, crews have finally started to surface as players from all over Bootleggers have indefatigably reached the rank of boss. The first of whom disembarked to the shores of crew creation was, as many have had predicted, Pillow! With 12 successful OCs and over 2000 crimes, Pillow has once again overtaken his fellow competitors.

However, his chain of the first to achieve soon ended after JackHigh had created the very first crew to emerge this round! A crew familiar to many who have been around in past rounds, it is no other than the dominant Gangsters Sanctuary! Known to have fully acquired all properties in the state of Michigan once before, it seems they may have similar plans this round as they hold onto the afore mentioned state's bullet factory after having switched it with New Jersey bullet factory, which was picked up by Event Horizon's TFKyle earlier in the round. The nature of the switch has not been cleared up, but with Slaine's profile stating that Michigan BF is a property of Gangsters Sanctuary and that it is back where it belongs, it wouldn't be surprising if it was demanded by GS. Whether it was a threatening demand or a friendly one among friends, it is still not clear.

Lower down the list, we find all types of crews and bosses, some old and experienced, others new to the scene. One of the old names to make a return is Camorra. Currently lead by Hektor and StoneHead, it seems they are only recruiting old members. It would be interesting to see how well they will do in the future.

We also take a look at The Enterprise which is lead by former Ombra Di Lucifer boss Advocate. The presence of the other boss of ODL was not found in The Enterprise. Prince appears to have been left out for unclear reasons, but was planning to return with ODL to the stats until he was reminded of a particular past event ODL undertook that shamed him out of it.

Last but not least, former players related to Resistance from last round seem to have returned, with RudeB0x, CarbInE and INUSSOLM starting up a new crew called Tactical Anarchy And Order. Resistance's earned reputation was not for peace, but rather the opposite. Would old wounds open up again and cause them trouble? Only time will tell.