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The Buzz Official Mission Guide Vanish

The long expected Round 7 has arrived on Bootleggers. This new round brings a lot of old, but also a lot of new features to the game. Some of the new features are the gymnasium and the private investigator. What I will be talking about in this article is the new missions.

We all remember the old missions. Booze run, stealing 3 duesys, busting your family out of jail, kill DionOBannion, find InnocentWitness ...
These were the missions that were on Bootleggers for quite some rounds now.

But people got tired of doing the same missions over and over again, and the payout wasn’t that good at all. In short, the missions were screaming for a decent renovation. And that is exactly what they got. To help players complete these missions, the Buzz decided to create a mission guide. So, here it is, the official Buzz Mission Guide.

Mission 1 : Explore the territory

Mission objective :

- Do 10 successful crimes in all states.

- Reach level 3 on strength in the gymnasium.

Reward : $15.000

Mission 2 : Taking care of the business

Mission objective :

- Do crimes from Auto Repairs by Henry in Clifton, New Jersey.

(you will receive a BM after 20-25 crimes)

- Travel to New York and send $8.000 to AlonzoMartino

(use the federal bank)

Reward : $4.000 + 400 bullets

Mission 3 : Expensive taste

Mission objective :

- Buy 6 crates of cognac in Illinois. Bring it to California.

(do NOT sell the cognac on the bootlegging-page. Go to the mission-page, deposit the crates there)

Reward : $26.000

Mission 4 : Busted, busted out

Mission objective :

- Bust RobertMoretti out of the Pennsylvania jail.

(It takes around 30-40 attempts to succeed)

- Steal the special car from the Denver State Police in Colorado.

(The Denver State Police is a crew. The only option you can do is : steal from a crew. You have to select ‘Denver State Police’ every time. It takes around 40 attempts to succeed. After succeeding, you will receive a bm from TonyT. You don’t need to ship the car.)

Reward : $20.000 + 600 bullets

Mission 5 : Top Dollar Whisky

Mission objective :

- Ship 100 crates of whisky from New York to Louisiana.

(The amount of crates you can ship depends on your current rank, and your strenght-level in the gymnasium.)

Reward : $18.000 + 1.000 bullets

Mission 6: Mind your business

Mission objective :

- Hire a private investigator to find IreneJohnson.

(It takes around 8-10 hours with the cheapest detective to find her)

- Travel to the state she is in

- Convince her to mind her own business

(Go to the profile of IreneJohnson, then click ‘Do it’.)

Reward : $50.000 + 500 bullets

Mission 7: Available soon!