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BootCast: Second Coming? Balmorhea

Have you ever been on jail busting spree and had the urge to just jam out to some tunes? How about the craving for an Australian man to whisper sweet nothings in your ear you while you crime? Well believe it or not, there was once a feature on Bootleggers that provided all of this for the users. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am of course speaking of the BootCast. The BootCast was once an online radio station that was DJed by regular Bootleggers players. It provided users with a diverse selection of music, regularly featured talk shows and interviews, as well as the occasional giveaway to a lucky listener.

History lesson aside, the real topic of discussion here is whether or not we might see this once promising feature make a return. I questioned Sky, Mika, and even former head DJ Magz about the possibility of the reappearance of the BootCast. In general, all three of them would like to see the once prominent feature return and believe that in order for the BootCast to function properly it requires both the support of the listeners and the DJ’s. The amount of commitment required to be the Head DJ, or even a regular DJ for that matter, is immense. Unfortunately, Magz stated that it is because of this that he could not return as Head DJ. He also remains rather deleterious towards the return of the BootCast, or any sort of internet radio for that matter, saying “It is a failed concept of a bygone era. Truth is though; I would love nothing more than to see a radio program for the game succeed. But people are what they are and that is generally not being happy with what is being offered to them.” It’s a well-known fact that Magz has supported the BootCast for quite some time, even to go as far as purchasing a server himself to host a radio show known as “Mood Radio” after the initial feature was removed.

When questioned about the BootCast, Sky also remarked about the reason why the BootCast did not do well in the past was because of the dwindling listener base and the overall attitudes of the players. Unlike Magz, Sky remained rather optimistic about a return of the feature. He says that he sees potential in the new crowd of players in helping the BootCast succeed. It would take a lot of dedication and effort, but he definitely sees it as a possible success.

Finally, when questioned about a revival of the feature, Mika respondedmodestly by saying, “No such thing is planned at the moment for as far as I am aware, but I certainly would not be against it.”

It is fairly unanimous amongst a majority of players that they wish for it to return, however they remain understandably pessimistic. The problem lies in the difference in the amount of people who actually tuned in and the amount of people who state that they want the feature back. Now the question is, if there aren’t too many people who actually tune in, why does the BootCast have so much support in a return? Perhaps the answer lies within the nostalgia of the feature? Maybe it’s a case of “You don’t know what you got til it’s gone”? Either way, this buzz writer is excited to see what the future holds.