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The New Private Investigators System MattyIce

As round seven gets under way, Bootleggers players are starting to utilize many of the new or updated features that the game now has to offer. One feature that many players have yet to use except for one of the new missions is the Private Investigators feature. This round, the system used to search for a player in order to kill them has been revamped. There are now five agencies that players can use to search for a player, ranging in price from $12,500 per state to $200,000 per state. The Buzz was able to catch up with Sky to see how the new PI feature will affect Bootleggers in this round.

“The last round was defined by one particular issue: the unfairness of the killing system,” Sky told us. “A very small group of players managed to dominate the game purely because they were able to kill everyone before they posed a threat. To balance this out some very promising updates have been made, including Private Investigators.” He added that, instead of having an investigator search all over the place for the target, it can now be refined to just one state, which will help with requested kills. The new PI system will make killing in the game more “realistic and practical."

The five different PI agencies all bring something different to the table, and can be used in different ways. Sky mentioned that the two cheaper agencies are probably ideal for any missions that may require players to search for a suspect. The more expensive agencies will be more effective in finding other players, as the search time will be dramatically quicker. We asked Sky to explain how this will affect players, and he said, “The first couple of detectives will be perfect for missions, or if you actually know where the target is, and time isn't a factor. The more expensive the agency the quicker they work, though, so anyone looking to drop a Crew will be using the best detective. If time is a factor, then cheaper is definitely not better.”

While the PI and killing systems were not considered broken, largely due to changes made during round six, Sky does believe that the system needed to be updated to keep up with how the game has been played as of late, saying, “The things that made it broken had been fixed long before the round ended. Issues like being able to shoot at a target before having found them. But it definitely needed updating in line with how the game was being played."

With this update, Sky said that the lone-wolf shooters will have a much harder time going on a solo-spree like we have seen in the past. As far as Crews go, he stated that the ones with more organizational experience will have a longer lasting effect on this round. He said, “In the long term, older Crews with experience in organizing 50+ members at once will find survival easier as it takes longer to drop a Crew, but as players get more accustomed to the new system we should see some very fun Crew wars.”

Sky also gave us a possible glimpse into the future of Bootleggers when talking about how he expects the new PI system to affect the round, saying that “as players progress in the Gymnasium, and get the stronger guns and protection, we'll see hugely strong Crews which will be able to exert influence over newer, weaker Crews. I'd like to see a feature which allows members in a Crew to gain Strength/Stamina/Agility much quicker, such as a Private Crew Gym, but that's for the future."

It will definitely be interesting to see the effects of the new PI system as the round progresses. As it looks right now, the days of the lone-wolf shooting sprees may be over, and crew dominance will re-emerge. The path that this round will take, though, still lies in the motives of the players.