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Welcome Back Event Horizon! AceAdam

One of the most famous crews in BL history has once again returned to the statistics page and hardly need an introduction as most players who have played will know who they are, welcome back Event Horizon! The Buzz got to peer under the hood of the crew, as you will see when we try to paint a picture of Event Horizon for all your readers, with the help of BettyB and HumptyDumpty aka LW . The article will cover some very pressing questions regarding their previous wars and battles, who they may fear most and the opinions of the new features! Be warned, it is a mammoth read as this crew has a lot of history to cover!

Event Horizon has most definitely gained the reputation to hold the title of one of the most experienced crews that Bootleggers has seen and also one of the strongest. It doesn’t look like they’re taking this round lightly either as they own a third of the Bullet Factories in the game, with BettyB being the first player to pick up Pennsylvania Bullet Factory this round. Both TFKyle and Rawhide, who are Event Horizon members, currently own New Jersey and Illinois Bullet Factory.

The Buzz was really keen to hear from both BettyB and LW aka HumptyDumpty what it was that made Event Horizon worth the pain, the constant warring, the recovering of the crew spot and just generally maintaining a crew right at the top of Bootleggers. So starting with BettyB, we asked her what we thought were relevant and insightful questions that all of our readers would be keen to know about Event Horizon.

Event Horizon picked up the third crew spot, behind Gangsters Sanctuary and The Urban Uprising. The Buzz asked BettyB why she has bought Event Horizon back to the statistics page this time round and she told us that it was primarily brought back for the members. She stated “they wanted it; they have worked very hard for it. The core members of EH are very close bunch of friends and they are having fun. So far we have most of the same members back, but we may be looking for new people in the future”.

The main goal for Event Horizon this time around is to support each other and primarily have fun. But The Buzz knows goals can change very rapidly in Bootleggers, with killings playing a big part in changes. The Buzz then asked BettyB what’s the advantages of being a crew boss and her opinion on the extra features she has access to. She replied with, “I can't say there is any one feature that I like over others. My understanding is you can no longer 'speed search' which gives crews no chance to defend themselves if shot at. And there have been no enhancements to crews to make on stats crews an important, worthwhile part of the game. So I'm a bit unhappy with how the game features are”.From this, it seems that Event Horizon is still concerned with how the kill feature works, as most shooters are. It seems a very hard feature to balance right between the shooters and the retaliators.

We then asked BettyB whether she think Event Horizon would be starting on a clean slate this round or does she think the previous battles and grudges from previous would carry on through. BettyB told us that she would like to think a new round is the start of a new game, a clean start, but she doesn’t think that will happen. Event Horizon is a marmite crew. You either love them or hate them. BettyB is fairly confident that she’ll have the same enemies as they had in the past.

In between the questions it was clear that there is a wealth of experience behind these answers that were given with the confidence of someone who knows they are supported by a group of friends, and not just fair weather friends. This crew has been on an off the stats more times than we at the Buzz can recall. BettyB also said that she had such confidence in LW aka HumptyDumpty, who has been her advisor and guide for so long with an expansive knowledge of Bootleggers. In the hope that we could paint a vaster picture of Event Horizon, we’ve asked some juicy questions for you readers!

We asked BettyB and HumptyDumpty what they think their most famous battles/wars they’ve had on Bootleggers. BettyB stated that The Syndicate and The Family are the most famous battles, with HumptyDumpty agreeing, stating that the war with The Syndicate lasted a majority of his time on Bootleggers. Both BettyB and HumptyDumpty also expect to see action from The Family against them this round.

The Buzz then asked them both what they think of the Gymnasium feature. BettyB said “I like the Gymnasium feature, means that to shoot you need to be more than a banker or point buyer, you actually will have to put some time and effort into the game. Shouldn’t be hard to retaliate as long as we keep a few people UG”. HumptyDumpty adds that “Perhaps it's a little strong having no cap on the increase of gym requirements for each level, but it stops those who can buy points, buy a few guns and shoot within a matter of days, if needs be.”

We then asked them both what they think of all the crews currently on the statistics. HumptyDumpty says that he doesn’t really know any of the other crews, with BettyB agreeing but offering them all the luck from all of Event Horizon. The Buzz finally asked them both if they had the chance to speak to BSF2000, what would they tell him?

BettyB would tell him “Please, please, please do something to enhance the crews. With speed search gone and no new features available to crews, if someone decides to shoot your crew, you’re done for and there is no protection for crews. We, the stats crews, would like to be something more than a bunch of sitting ducks during hunting season. Stats crews, in a mafia game, should be something that people want to be part of, they should be important to the game.”

HumptyDumpty would tell him “Please sort out crews as soon as possible. When the Kill feature is back up, any crews on Stats are completely done for. Nothing can be done if someone has sufficient bullets. Crews are a major feature to BL. As they are, they're useless”.

Sorry for the mammoth read, but with a crew of such vast history, there is a lot to cover! Thank you for the read and hope you enjoyed it. Please leave a comment below on what you thought of the article.