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Welcome Gangsters Sanctuary! AceAdam

Gangster’s Sanctuary have won the race to be the first crew of this round to hit the statistics page with a little help from JackHigh, one of only two bosses at the time the crew spot was bought. For those that don’t know much about Gangsters Sanctuary, let’s delve into a very quick history lesson.

Gangsters Sanctuary were formally known as Corleone, which were founded by MisterLawrence and BaltasarGerards way back in 2003 until October 2004 when it changed its name to Gangsters Sanctuary by crew vote. The crew has had many bosses since but is nowadays run by MisterLawrence and Slaine.Gangsters Sanctuary did retire for a year in 2007 but returned only to get caught up in a war with a crew named The Order which went on for a good few months, each crew dropping each other from the statistics page half a dozen times. Gangsters Sanctuary home state is Michigan and they are famous for always going after every property in that state. Michigan casino owners reading this, you may want to get a new pair of underwear.

As they were the first crew to hit the statistics, we asked MisterLawrence how they acclaimed the money to buy the spot. He told us that Slaine put a very big amount of effort into saving the money and MisterLawrence helped by selling points.Once they had the money to buy the spot they found a problem, none of them were ranked high enough to pick up the crew spot.

Eager to be the first crew on the statistics page they contacted JackHigh, one of only two bosses at the time, shared with Pillow, asking him to hold the crew spot for them until one of them reached Boss. The Buzz asked why they trusted JackHigh. MisterLawrence stated that he didn’t know JackHigh at the time but took the risk to trust him, the only risk being a loss of points which “isn’t the end of the world”. Fortunately, JackHigh accepted their undisclosed offer to pick up the crew and stuck to his word by handing over the crew once Slaine reached boss. This proves loyalty and trustworthiness still exists in Bootleggers.

The Buzz asked MisterLawrence what their goals for this round are. MisterLawrence stated, “To own all of Michigan again.” We then finally asked MisterLawrence what he thought of the gymnasium page. He told The Buzz, “it’s great because it requires all members to maintain active to build a strong crew and will hopefully help with the ability to kill/ be killed so there will be more respect and less accounts being killed for petty reasons as it takes much longer now to get a good gun to shoot and who knows how new kill system will work to help that as well”.

The Buzz congratulates Gangsters Sanctuary on being the first crew to hit the statistics page this round and wish them all the best for the future.

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